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Is there a source for Ruger 13" AC556 barrels?


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I'm pretty sure the answer is NO, but thought I'd ask since I don't know everything.  Looks like Samson makes the front sight gas block, so that's nice.   I can likely source new Mini 14 stainless barrel and and have it cut to 13", but having a real 13" AC556 barrel is a better fit for my gun-nerd tendencies.  This would be going on a 188-xxxxx series Mini 14 stainless ranch rifle with the Samson stock.

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If you’re looking for a factory one, you’ll be paying a lot cash for it. Your best would be getting used one off the web and having it cut down. 

If you’re going for a AC-556K clone (SBR), just have your barrel cut down. That’s what I did with mine and it looks just like the AC-556K that I have. Since you mention nerd tendencies, The ranch receiver might look a little weird but most people won’t know the difference. 

Samson makes some cool stuff. The front gas block sight is really nice but it’s got a sling swivel built in and that’s not correct. Then again, buying the correct lower gas block would be expensive too.  As they have the sling on the side. 
It took me years to finish my sbr. Mainly because I couldn’t find a real front gas block sight. Finally I did and it was by chance and it wasn’t a fortune either. Thankfully, I had the factory folder and just cut the barrel down. 

Here’s my sbr


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