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  1. Get a good mag loader. The sten mags are unbearable to load without one.
  2. I’ve SBRed one of my mini-14 folders. I just did a form 1 and when the stamp came back, I just took it to a machine shop and had them cut it down and thread it. Also, I did NOT mess with my gas port or bushing. I put an AC-556K front gas block sight on it and it’s works great. It even runs 22LR great, with a conversion. I’ve heard that some guns will be under gassed though. Mine is NOT a ranch model, just an old Mini-14 folder. Here’s a video of me shooting 22LR through it.
  3. Ain’t a chance in hell. That being said, I really wish it would end and I think the NFA and FOPA is blatantly unconstitutional. Damn near every politician already thinks you can’t own an MG, regardless of party. There’s only been a few court cases since 1934 but they never went anywhere. Unfortunately, I think the NFA is here to stay. Unfortunately, MG’s ain’t common use.
  4. I went ahead and registered my M1 carbine as an SBR. I’ve got a couple M1 carbine hosts and it was the best option to move it from the cut down one. I’ll post a video of mine running soon.
  5. Personally, I would just buy an older USGI M1 carbine. As for a stock, you can easily modify an M1 carbine stock. However, the M2 carbine stock have a pot belly and are a little heavier. Here’s my Frankenstein M2 carbine (Registered trigger housing).
  6. It’s hard to understand how one person can have 20 tax stamps and still have to wait over a year. I could understand them taking their sweet a$$ time for a new NFA owner but someone who owns multiple Nfa items, over a period of years should be fast tracked or make their finger print cards good for one year and reduce the (so called) strain on the system. These people are still working from home. At least the person I spoke with was clearly at home because I heard a dog barking in the background. Honestly, I guess it could’ve been their emotional support dog (poor dog). I’m to the point to where I don’t want to buy anymore suppressors because of the wait. I’ve got three machines guns recently, one was submitted in February and the other two are waiting to transfer to a dealer before I can start my forum 4’s. I’m guessing the wait will be two years on the last two MG’s mentioned.
  7. It looks like a factory Semi Auto Carbine (SAC). There was likely a solid wood stock that attached to that plate.
  8. I’ve got a converted (transferable) mini-14 GB. Runs like a top and I mean it. I’ve seen a few over the years. My conversion isn’t really noticeable. I’ve had it at the range and people had no idea until I pulled the trigger. My conversion is reminiscent of the M-14 but more stream lined than the pearl conversion.
  9. TommyBoy is a great seller. Buy with confidence, A+
  10. I often think about this very topic; therefore, I personally think if the Gov/atf wants to really hurt the NFA MG market, they could simply increase the $200 tax stamp to the current inflation from 1934. That would be approximately 4K per tax stamp. That would severely hurt The market. It would kill the suppressor industry. Who knows maybe, just maybe they’ll remove suppressors from the nfa (highly doubt it though). They could also target Trusts and Corporations. I’m waiting for a trustee to use one in a crime (I hope that doesn’t happen but when you have one item that any trustee can take somewhere, something bad will eventually will happen). Trusts are the cats meow but I think they’ll end up causing problems. Corps, would be less likely but they could go after them as well. Who really knows but I know one Thing, if a transferable is ever used is a mass shooting, they’ll be GONE.
  11. WTB registered Lightning Link. I'm currently looking for a lightning link in Florida. I prefer instate form 4 but will buy an out of state form 3. No (Florida) instate dealers. Please Message me if you have one for sale.
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