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WTS M2HB semi .50 cal KMP Crankfire trigger


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Crankfire moved to the parts and accy board.

The Emory Jones crankfire unit is extremely rare and offers firing from the butterfly on the back one at a time, or firing with the 6 lobe crank handle.  This fires 6 rounds in one revolution.  Again, very few of these were made back in the day.  Full auto rates without the paperwork or cost.  I also could offer this with an Acme gadget MOAT for additional cost.

We have pintles and T+E's available, but no tripod currently.  We do have another mount with ammo can bracket also available to the purchaser.

We do take trades up and down.  Milled AK's,  Sig PE57,  HK PSG1, machine guns, etc.  Offer up what you have, we have vast interests?

payment: Cash and carry, gold, silver, wire transfer, possible paypal F+F  with credit card, zelle, Hunter Biden's laptop, Christmas lay away payments.  We're pretty flexible.






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