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Transferring an HK sear question


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 I retired my C3 business in 1994 in CT and am transferring one of my Fleming sears to a dealer in Wyoming. The sear is currently on an ATF form 3. I contacted the dealer, but he hasn't helped me with the paperwork, but I have received his SOT and FFL info. So now it's up to me to fill out the paperwork. I believe I fill out the ATF Form 4 and pay the $200 transfer. My question is when I go on the ATF web site and fill in the info on the Form 4 do I fill in just the first page (only) as their website still has page 2-3 with the CLEO info needed. I know I don't fill that info in, just the first page I fill out? And do I mail the $ and two copies of the Form 4? I can't imagine there are two different Form 4's. 

Thanks in advance.

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you are correct.  fill out page 1 only of the Form 4.  make 2 copies.  mail it in with a $200 check to the PO box in portland.  Wait 4-??? months.  

(before you begin, save the blank form 4 to your desktop as a PDF.  then open that PDF and fill it out.  If you try to fill out the form directly on the ATF website it can cause issues (signature box is x-ed out, for example)

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