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Thanks guys


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Been getting calls from guys here on the board at home, checking in on me during this ongoing medical drama. I really appreciate the calls. Some days, especially the days I can't walk I'm bored to death here and it's great to chat with other gun folk.

One day I can walk, another day I can't pick up anything with my right arm. Gotta' tell you there's nothing like the unpredictability of losing ones' mobility and dexterity to destroy your life plans and everyday things we take for granted. Like being able to pull up your damn pants without asking for help! Talk a bout a personal lesson in how our disabled and damaged vets live their life every day unable to walk.

I know there are plenty of others who have it way worse, but when it reaches you up close and personal, you kinda' forget all that.

On days I can't walk, i break up the boredom by shooting my Browning  BL22 out of my bedroom window at targets I have hanging in the yard.

Yea , we're that rural.

A very kind board member sent me a big ol 330 rnd box of Federal .22's, so I can amuse myself during the day rationing out 5-10 rnds. Impossible for me to drive to Walmart now even if they had ammo.

This ammunition shortage is the worst I've ever seen in my 67 years.

Seems rather convenient too with the big gun grab eminent. I mean "attempted" gun grab.

Anyone seeing a let up in the availability or price yet? 

I still see scalpers on G.B asking absolutely sky high $$$$ for ammo.

Yea I know free market, and all that, but geeze 9mm at .50+ a round??

SG ammo had 5.56 less than a buck a round last week, but still too rich for my blood.

Social security pay doesn't go very far.

Must have been Bernie Madoff who coined the phrase "golden years."

Back here in real life with the regular people, life ain't too golden for me so far!




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