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WTS: used but very clean TSC HK21 with "E" upgrades, including one of a kind E cocking tube, sear ready 13k


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imageproxy.php?img=&key=898bd455c4915183I've had this gun for a few years, Mike built it for me from FMP parts. It has all the HK21 "E" upgrades he does. It was run full auto, but last few years its been sitting. Has recently been refreshed with new midnight broze cerokote, new bolt (less than100 rds), and more importantly a new HK21E cocking tube. You can see the bcg is smaller in diameter and the cocking lever has the cammed end. It's one of a kind since Mike will never do this upgrade again and as far as I know has never been done to a 21. Mike inspected this and said the Trunion looks good and bolt gap was GTG last time it was in for the cocking tube upgrade.

It has a welded rail on top/bottom. BCG has the correctly welded in insert for full auto, bolt has less than 100 rds on it, comes with a couple belts, can add more if needed, will come with the grip pod unless you want a bipod- can be negotiated.



zelle/bank trasfer/certified check/








back left.jpg

whole side.jpg

back right.jpg

front left.jpg

front right.jpg

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