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WTS, STEN II, ERB, Transferable


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Hello: Price reduction and extra mags: $6500.00 plus 10 magazines, or best offer.

WTS, Charles ERB, STEN MK II. With 6 magazines. Price: $7000.00 plus $200 transfer tax and shipping to your dealer. Former Class III dealers collection.

Thank you

Sten 4.jpg

STEN 2.jpg

STEN 3.jpg

Sten 4.jpg

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Thank you very much for the offer. I see others selling at $7995 aka 8K so I think $6500 is fair for a quality made STEN by ERB.

Give it two weeks or so and if not sold I will re visit your offer. I can be reached directly at, wpleasant@comcast.net



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