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  1. "I thought this was great and I wanted to share this with everyone on Strumgewehr.com." Alan
  2. I would like to trade or buy a NOS M60E4mod 1 top cover. I have NOS bolts, operating rods and a NOS M60E4mod 0 top cover to trade. I will even go all cash. Please PM me with any questions and/or leads. I will entertain all offers. Thank you for looking. Alan
  3. Michael I will purchase this upon receipt of pictures. Thank you very much. Alan
  4. You are next in line if current buyer finks out!

    1. POLLC


      Thank you very much sir. Well wishes to you and your family.



  5. Rob, since no one has responded to your post... I will add my 2 cents for what it's worth. I would take a wait and see approach. You may be surprised and it all works out in your favor. That said, do I know how this is going to turn out down the road... I don't know what's going to happen in 5 minutes. Well wishes to you and your family. Regards, Alan
  6. Colt 14 1/2" SOCOM HEAVY BARREL. Pre-2021. 1/7 NIW/NOS Chrome lined barrel. NATO 5.56 cal, with M203 w/ cut. M4 feed ramp, barrel nut and sight post. Colt marked their barrels with their cage code 13629. Same barrel manufactured for the military. This is an NFA item. Any questions please PM me. Ground shipping with insurance and tracking $365.00. Thank you for looking.
  7. Firstly, "I'm glad you're here to post." Correct me if I'm wrong, cache means to me... "bring back? If so I say you're SKS has a colorful history that one would be hard pressed to duplicate. In my humble opinion for what it's worth, I would say sell it here on strumgewehr, because there are a lot of worthy individuals, that would take the care that you gave this weapon. Regards, Alan
  8. I want to humbly thank everyone that viewed this post and especially everyone that contributed to it. Regards, Alan
  9. NOS 9mm BARREL. Use this conversion barrel to use your SWD/Mac silencer on your Smith and Weston 76, MK760, and or SW76. $325 shipped priority mail, fully insured with tracking. Any questions please PM me. Thank you for looking. Alan. ***SOLD***
  10. In my humble opinion, I say let this be the last post. Whether male or female this person has an agenda. Which begs the question, why would one even get emotionally involved with this so called article? This person is throwing a temper tantrum... so best to ignore. Why feed the beast. Alan PS Arkady Kobach is there nom de plume (pen name). A character from the TV show NCIS.
  11. A Fleming Fireams catalog on Machine Guns from the 1980s. Thank you for looking. Alan
  12. While working in my garage today, I came across this catalog. I thought it would be something the strumgewehr community would enjoy... a walk down Memory Lane. Thanks for looking. Alan
  13. There is one now on gunbrokers.com for sale. It ends in 2 days and 17 hours located under class Iii. I'm not affiliated with the seller. Alan
  14. Understood. Good talking to you, Gil. I surf the Web on a regular basis. If I see an M60 charging handle, I will be sure and alert you. May you and your family have a prosperous New Year. Regards, Alan
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