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Belgium Browning High Power


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This is a factory bright nickel Belgium Browning HIgh Power 9mm, 1980 mfg. serial# 245PM2XXX This pistol is in excellent condition and was procured circa early 90's. It has been well cared for and maintained and since the early 90's I have only put around 250-300rds. through this pistol, no +P use and it will cycle HP ammo reliably.  It has 3 dot sights and the slide release and safety were swapped with Cylinder and Slide parts.  The magazine disconnect was not present when I purchased the pistol and I do not have the original parts. The grips shown are LOK custom G10 just put on recently. For additional detailed pictures please contact me via PM (don't clutter up the ad please) and we can discuss what you are looking for before hand, so I'm not hoop jumping for tire kickers and photo buffs.  You will need to find an FFL who accepts from an individual, I will pay shipping. You will have a full satisfaction guarantee on this firearm minus return shipping if you are not delighted. While this version may not be ultra rare they aren't easy to find in this condition as many BHP fans probably know.  $1350 shipped or $1300 if you cover shipping/insurance $1250 FTF in SW Florida.

Price includes;
OEM nickel slide release/safety
Browning box and manual (not original)
1 original 13rd Nickel magazine
3 new MecGar 15rd Nickel mags
3 new MecGar 15rd Blued mags
6 misc. range mags
Galco IWB holster (carried perhaps 5 or 6 times)
Original Browning wood grips one missing the B medallion
1 set Herrett full chekered wood grips.
2 sets of black plastic grips
1 set Pachmayer wrap around grips
New #323 Wilson Combat spring kit; (firing pin, hammer, #12/#18.5 recoil springs)
New factory spare parts; Extractor pin, spring and mainspring strut assembly.


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