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  1. This is like new, perfect condition with no marks or signs of use. I literally sighted it in on a flat top AR15 and this is why it's listed as used. It sits in an ADM Recon QD mount. This model is the TR24G specs here; I will not separate the mount and I am not interested in trades of any kind. $700 shipped, box/manual/sticker/lens pen and a scope coat.
  2. WTS HK Vp9

    WTS OD green Vp9 lightly used
  3. Never fired KAC Mod. 2 from a small run in 2017 factory Burnt Bronze.
  4. Colt AR15a3 Tactical Carbine aka 6721
  5. Mossberg 590 AOW

    14" 590 lightly used, has a green fiber optic front sight, the birdhead grip installed and includes a Hogue tamer pistol grip. New Streamlight TL-Racker handguard, perfect for home defense. Also includes the factory forend and a shorty scabbard (which only works with the factory forend). $525 shipped to your FFL/SOT
  6. A Huge Win for Montana

    Makes me want to live in the big sky, actually always have. But being SW Florida born and raised my wife who's from Chicago says I wouldn't survive the first winter LOL. I do believe her especially now in my 60's but damn, beautiful country and some damn good 2a supporting lawmakers. Will visit for sure but good on Montana!! My son who is a veteran lives in Wa. just sent him a few guns and there was a wait on background even though he has a permit, is a veteran and resident. All mostly a tax/money grab.
  7. Used in excellent condition, custom LOK thin grips includes factory slabs also. Maybe #400 flawless rounds fired. Very accurate pistols with high supressor sights, 2 factory mags, box papers etc.
  8. Shotgun fix
  9. WTB: 40mm Ammo

    gotcha, very cool. I'm jealous!!!
  10. WTB: 40mm Ammo

    you are looking for 37mm, 40mm is an NFA item and you will probably never find any. plus it's $200 stamp for each round plus the cost. not to mention the launcher.......
  11. M1 30 Carbine in excellent condition, National Postal Meter First run Serial # 1,456,925 (1943) *This is NOT a CMP rifle but from an NRA/Erie Army Depot sale in 6/1963* Markings are as follows; Barrel: Ordinance Bomb 11/42 Underwood, Barrel band: JM Front sight: RIA Rear sight: I.R.CO Safety: W inside Circle Mag Release: M underlined Bayo Lug: SU $1300 shipped with original 15rd. mag 1-30rd. 5 new Korean 15rd. mags close up pics to serious parties. Not looking for trades or picture collectors. #471rds of PPU FMJ ammo available to buyer $250 shipped separately.
  12. .308 Sub sonic

    I have #158rds of HPBT sub sonic ammo. Mfg. in Czech Republic $330 shipped for the lot.
  13. Factory new mags. #10 for $160 #20 for $310