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WTS: HK51 A3 MFG by F.J Vollmer - SBR - Sear Ready! sold "SPF"

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This HK51 was built by FJ Vollmer on a FMP receiver, it is sear ready with a factory full auto carrier, “N” marked bolt head. Flapper mag release, clipped & pinned Navy SEF lower, correct flash hider attached. Comes with one magazine. $3650 + $60 Priority shipping w/tracking # provided. This is a Semi Auto and is a SBR, just add your sear!
External condition is good, shows wear around ejection port and on the A3 leg. Internals look really good, nice and clean, there is some residue on the bottom of the flash hider.
In stock on a F3, we use eForms for quickest approval times and keep the customer informed every step of the way.         Form 3 shows this as a Model 51

HK51 01.jpg

HK51 02.jpg

HK51 03.jpg

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