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WTS M2HB MK93 .50 cal. and M240 Adapter, Shock recoil absorbing gun Mount cradle with extras 1500.00 and spare M2HB parts

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I have 2 excellent condition MK93 MG Mounts for M2HB and M240/M249 with cradle adapter shown and available ,includes a mk93.jpgCradle gun mounts with Brass and link catcher assembly and 50 Cal Traversing and Elevating mechanism (T&E included to mount on M3 regular tripod,and side ammo can holder also included. All pins are present and cabked to the mount to prevent loss.  Allows the weapon to sit higher, much more comfortable to shoot. This has a small pintle standard, but,  a large Universal  pintle adapter can be added I see available for 150.00 or so to mount on the large pintle like on vehicle HMMV Mounts and such..

The mount alone by itself sells for way more  than the whole package deal I am offering together at 1500.00

I see them sell for 2300.00 or more without the extras included, I have 2 available left to sell,  1500.00 plus UPS Ground shipping. I also have available the very rare Military  adapter cradle to the buyer to allow the M240/M249 to be used with it for 875.00 added. You can see the 240 cradle in the Pic available to purchese.

As New M2HB Flash hider complete 65.00

M2HB tripod Pintle new 75.00

M2HB Barrel carry handle in new condtion 35.00

M2HB Complete cleaning Kit in carrier pouch tool kit 45.00

New headspace and timing gagae set 50.00

New recoil spring group 40.00

New Spare barrel carrier 30.00

side cocking charging handle for the left siide, new  20.00

LIke new M3 T&E for M3 tripod for M2HB or M3.

barrels shims for build , new set of 8 for 75.00

M2 Cartridge Stop complete new, Large assembky mounts on trunnion 50.00

M2HB Barrel bearing new 50.00

Front sight cover 20.00


other small parts vailable,


Email direct ONLY GPrue8@aol.com  or call me at 828-773-1938

Greg at Alpine Military Concepts.

Also have nice selection of M240 and M249 parts and accessories available, please inquire.




a mk93 side.jpg

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