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New: IMI MICRO UZI Pistol B&G registered Bolt, correctly built Pics F3

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We have a transferable IMI Israel Micro UZI pistol MachineGun, BG Machine registered Bolt.

This was sent to RDTS for a full spec build and refinish: folding stock (correctly welded on, not like most of the ones you see for sale), bayonet lug, micro sights, sling loop, ARS lower, correct cocking knob, ported barrel and correctly remarked MICRO UZI (incorrect ones will still say "Pistol").

This is as close as you can get to a real MICRO UZI, it is on a form 3 for fast a transfer, we use E-Forms, , $20,500.00 OBO, reasonable offers considered, plus $125 for USPS insured shipping









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