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WTB Stoner 63/63A parts


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  • 3 years later...

I have like new, three parts removed from Stoner 63. Very light ware marks from cycling the weapon to show clear about 15-20 times, never fired.

1) bolt carrier, left & right hand feed. Inside NO ware or polish marks from op rod or bolt operation.

2) charging handel, side type looks like a candy cane with 1/8 holes, ment for the 63 rifle. Keeper spring, strong, no ware.

3) recoil spring and rod. Very end oposite of op rod end has tiny polish makrs were it pressed into the receiver under tension.

I can send pictures but on this sight I cant figure it out. Tell me how or send email and every view you want to see.

All for $1000.00

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