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Minigun Repair


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So let me first start off by saying its about as easy to be a rocket surgeon as it was to get this transmission that shoots bullets working correctly.
Dealer friend of mine bought it and was royally screwed up. Pretty sure it was built with hand drills.

Safing Sector was out so with bolts installed rotor wouldn't turn. Holes for feeder/delinker completely out of spec one hole was .250 and other hole was .040 off. Specs of hole are .192+-.001. 
Welded up and remachined all the holes and correctly plotted the radius for the safing sector and gun is working fine. Minus the batteries going dead from not being charged when it was sent.

For everyones viewing pleasure a new unfired M134 with Garwood parts and clutch system on a Crane mount. 2m65x0h.jpg



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On 9/21/2018 at 6:12 PM, johnsonlmg41 said:

Yes those "new" housings are not all they are cracked up to be and since only one company has the fixture, it was likely done with a hand drill.   Congrats on getting it together since I know it's a lot more work than people think.    Now you know why the older cut housings bring a premium.

Thats not an understatement
The tabs for the safing sector were 1/4" off each

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