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  1. This is a Hanel made, Curio and Relics (FORM 4) 1945 dated, StG 44. It has never been cut drilled or welded. The receiver, trigger group, and stock all match. Op rod and bolt do not match. Starting with Germany, I am the 5th owner and I have owned it since 2001. Included with the rifle is ONE very rare, StG marked original magazine. The non matching bolt with the rifle has a broken lifting lug so a brand new, stripped, US manufactured, properly heat treated full auto bolt is included. This will need to fitted by a competent gunsmith familiar with NFA weapons. My NFA guy passed away so I have not had it fitted. Included bits and pieces: 1 ejector, 1 mag floorplate (both original), disassembly tool and stripper guide (both new). A decent set of reproduction magazine pouches patterned after originals are included. I also have 3 or 4, 15 round boxes of original WWII, German manufacture, 7.92x33mm I will ship separately. The C&R StG 44 is the top of the pyramyd for serious collectors. This one is waiting to become the crown jewel in you collection. Everybody says they want one so here is your chance, do not let this opportunity pass you by Currently appraised for my insurance with a replacement value of $58,000 I am pricing it at $49,999 FIRM.Payment by wire transfer only. I hold the item until the BATF Form 4 transfer is complete. Please bear in mind, I do not need to sell it, I want to sell it to fund another project. No trades, no time wasters.
  2. 15k (Sold - funds received) S&W MOD. 76 9mm SMG. C&R, transferable, on F4 in FL. I have a C&R FFL and can transfer to C&R FFLs in other states. SN U7xx. Includes 1x S&W mag and 7x non-S&W (M31?) mags. Runs like a dream. Original finish and hardware (I’ve seen another listing that appears refinished with replacement grip). All NFA / federal, state, and local rules, regulations, etc. apply. No foreign sales. Buyer pays transfer taxes and actual shipping. Thanks!
  3. AO Savage 1928 commercial gun, which means there are no US markings as this was never issued to any military branch. I bought this gun from Bob Landies in 2008. I purchased it hard chromed, and KG gun koted it black. I replaced all the parts other than the receiver with as new old stock. If you remember back then when all those Russian kits came in - that's what I used. The gun is beautiful, the KG only rubbed off on one corner in its gun case. The gun runs like a top, and the bore looks like a mirror. This gun is on a Form 3 and I'll pay shipping. Certified funds from individuals, or business check from another SOT is fine. steve at adcofirearms com
  4. I have a C&R STEN Mark II for sale. This weapon was Amnesty registered, and I have a copy of the document. It has a small spot in the finish under the front edge of the receiver where it appears that the barrel nut was at one time welded to the receiver. Original finish, and marked "England" on rear of receiver. It comes with an additional "T" buttstock, a pistol grip, and three magazines. Price is $12,000 plus shipping. If you have a C&R license, I can transfer directly to you.
  5. I have a beautiful DWM MG08 with an as nice Swiss mount. If you want a good shooter setup for an MG08, this is as good as it gets. Gun will transfer on a efiled form 3. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs, and is welcome to pick up the mount in person if practical. I can be reached by email - steve at adcofirearms.com I'll add more pics in a few days.
  6. 1917 Spandau MG08 with a real nice sled showing much original camo paint. Top cover, left side plate, feedblock and water jacket are matching. Bore is great. Will transfer to your dealer on a Form 3. I'll pay to ship the gun, buyer is responsible for shipping cost related the the sled mount. email steve at adcofirearms dot com if interested.
  7. Beautiful C&R 1944 Gustloff MG42 in 3 calibers, 8mm 762nato and 762x39. This gun has been completely gone through by our shop and runs 100%. All parts on the gun are correct German except the barrel and bolt, the original WWII bolt is included but we do use WWII bolts. This gun is on our books, owned by us, and ready to e-file upon receipt of payment. Please ask for specific photos or video of the gun. Gun comes with 1 barrel in each caliber and all the parts needed to shoot all three calibers. The original bolt is included as a collectors item, we DO NOT recommend using any WWII bolt in a live gun. Available for inspection at our location in Central Florida. $58,000. Sale Pending.. Recouperator rebuilt, all rivets inspected, rails checked for alignment, receiver inspected for cracks or wear, gun fully disassembled and deep cleaned, and fully tested in all 3 calibers.
  8. A beautiful piece of history. Developed and introduced in 1917, the 30-06 cal Browning Automatic Rifle is regarded as one of the best shoulder-fired automatic weapons of World War I. By original conception, the BAR was to be used by actively maneuvering infantry units, allowing them to provide their own suppressing fire while advancing across no-man's-land and still be capable of aimed single shots. American infantry doctrine did not embrace the "marching fire" concept, instead focusing on the "squad automatic" concept, favoring man-portable weapons firing from fixed positions in support of defense and maneuver, with later variants of the BAR, the 1918A1 and A2, adjusted to better accommodate this style of combat. A relative late-comer for World War I, the BAR made a good impression on users and allies. Retained in government arsenals following the war, the BAR remained a gold standard of small arms firepower, while also gaining infamy for it's desirability to criminals; famous outlaws Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker were among those who raided government stocks for the BAR and used them to great effect in altercations with the police. On entering World War II, the BAR was America's prime light machine gun, and BAR gunners were a key source of firepower for Army and Marine units. While eventually retired in favor of weapons designed explicitly for the Squad Automatic rifle, the BAR served with dignity for many decades, seeing U.S. use as late as the Korean War. Blade front and folding ladder rear sights, with a plain tubular flash hider threaded to the muzzle, "18" dated barrel, and "eagle head" and "flaming bomb" proofs on some components. The top of the receiver bears the 5-line Winchester nomenclature, with the early "F A S" pattern (semi/full/safe) selector mechanism with the spring loaded catch to keep the operator from accidentally putting the rifle on "SAFE" when switching to full-auto operation. Fitted with a deeply checkered forearm and a smooth pistol grip stock. Included with the lot are 3 magazines, original 1918 cupped ammo belt, BAR oiler and magazine loader. Very good condition. The rifle has been completely reworked by Stan Andrewski and functions flawlessly. The forearm bears a hairline crack and a safe ding on its right side. The stock is in excellent shape without any repairs. Mechanically excellent condition with original internal components bearing a “W” proof mark as shown in the attached photos. This item is restricted as a National Firearms Act (NFA) and is fully transferable. It is also classified as a "Curios or Relic" (C&R) as defined in 27 CFR, 478.11. Price; $49,500 plus shipping and insurance. First buyer to commit in writing, either by email or text, will have priority to purchase. Full purchase price due with order. The only trade considered is a transferable H&K MP5K-PDW. All NFA rules apply. Questions will be answered in writing via email or text. My email is “BAR at eley.us”. Text number is 614-537-3539.
  9. Selling this Lewis out of my personal collection so it will transfer out on a form 4, and I'll cover the first transfer fee. I am an FFL/SOT so I know how this works so no worries about a "form 4 seller". Gun runs very well with the 3 included pans using Wolf .303. Sale also includes a spare op-rod/firing pin, recoil spring, and excellent condition barrel. Price is $15,000.00 delivered. This gun is fully transferable and a C&R. here's a video of someone shooting it at a local MG shoot last month https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdJ779ufLSk Thanks for looking. steve@adcofirearms.com
  10. Nice, CNR MG-34. All numbers matching, but receiver. On form 4 in South Dakota, first tax paid. Germany listed as manufacture on form 4.
  11. This is my personal kit which I have owned for 10yrs and always enjoyed shooting. It has always run like a watch, and even likes Browning M1917 cloth belts. It is a Spandau Serial Number 635, which I believe makes this a gun built in 1910. The only original parts are the riveted together receiver body, water jacket and top cover. I believe everything else was replaced and renumbered to match the gun. The unit tag I believe is original. I believe the trench mount is original. This is a great kit that is easy to transport and take out shooting. The optics are clear with a solid reticle. The hose and ammo can are reproduction. The sale includes 2 Turk 8mm belts, and the ZF12 case. Because this is in my personal collection the gun will transfer on a Form 4. I will pay the first stamp to your dealer. If you are local, I'll pay the stamp to you as well. Price is $16K delivered. I'm putting this up for sale because I bought 4 other Maxim's in the last year so I'm just making room, but no urgent need to sell so I wont respond to lowball offers.
  12. I have an early C&R Colt 1918 Browning Machine Rifle that I'm looking to sell to fund another project. It has the very rare humpback stock and is British Stamped from WW1, serial # 19499. I have a FOIA on it and it was transferred to me on a Form 4. C&R OK ! Also have many accessories available as well. A very nice gun! 50/50 payments are OK. Buyer pays all transfer fees and shipping. Asking price is $49,900 DLRegisterNOSPAM@reagan.com for any questions.
  13. Exceptional Marlin Rockwell BAR 1918 converted through the military to a A2 configuration. Includes one magazine.Great old war horse that should be in any collection of war rifles. Test Fired Registered on a form 4 in Idaho C&R eligible. 50/50 payment. Shipping $175 Condition is fine to near excellent as arsenal refurbished. B A R'S were built beginning in mid 1918 and WWI ended in November of 1918.These guns then went into Army storage and most were reworked .Marlin represented 5% of production 36K
  14. This ZB26 is a transferable C&R gun, listed in ATF listings of C&R guns. What makes it C&R is it is an original ZB26, manufactured in what was then called Czechoslovakia. The ATF Form 3 box 3a list the following: CS ZBROJOVKA (and) AS BRNO (and) CZECH.. I fired it one time and put this prize away in my humidity-controlled gun vault. Because the receiver’s markings didn’t photograph well I coped them down and can supply it to the prospective buyer. Gun comes with ground kit (pictured) magazine, steel box marked BREN 7.92 but holds ZB26 mags (pictured), loader, and Bren tripod (not pictured). Most people don’t know that the British copied the ZB26 in 7.92 caliber.Called it “Bren” and subsequently rechambered it in .303 Brit. This gun is in very excellent, pristine, unmodified condition. It is on ATF Form 3. I do e-forms to your dealer, although if you live in Maine you can get it directly from me. (Maine residents pay sales tax.) Price $35,000 firm. BTW I have been a recommended dealer on Tom Bowers Subguns board since 2001, If interested call me daily between 9AM and 9PM Eastern at (207) 476-0000, or email me at ivan@machinegundealer.com
  15. Hello, I was thinking of posting a duplicate Steyr I have but want to know what would be a fair sale or trade price on it. It has some pitting and the mag is replaced but has a really cool serial #111104. I have never fired it and the finish is maybe 70% or so I guess. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. MAS 49/56 in great shape with a beautiful bore. Sale includes 4 magazines, bayonet and the slip over night sight assembly. Gun is in the original 7.5 caliber. $1000.00 shipped in the 48
  17. Hello, I am looking to trade a very rare early production MP40 coded 122 40 which is early Haenel production. Serial number 2460a and also has an IRS #xxxx. I would rate the finish as a conservative 80%+, 100% matching which includes the endcap, trigger guard, stock. receiver tube, rear site, bolt, firing pin, sling ring, barrel, front site, barrel resting bar (aluminum), magwell. This gun has all the very rare early features to include the square hook front site, slab side magwell, hook style cocking handle with rare unmodified receiver. I have talked to Alex Cruiming (mp40.nl) and he said the gun is rare and only six out of 600 MP40's in his worldwide database have this code. This gun also has some unusual markings like a big letter E stamped on the top of the receiver. No one knows what this is for. Also this gun has 8,82 stamped on the barrel which stands for 8,82mm as the Germans were experimenting with different size bullets. Also has triple proofmarks on barrel (waffenampt 37). Gun is not for sale for trade only on a Form 4 in Wyoming. I have fired this gun about 200 rounds and it ran great. What I am looking for in trade. a) A nice shooter grade C&R MP40, original finish (at least 40%-50% finish). Your gun MUST have the ribbed magwell plus the push button cocking handle. Mismatch gun ok. I would want your gun plus cash on your end for my gun. or b) May consider an even trade for a really nice C&R MP40 (90%+ original finish or so), 100% matching. Again, your gun MUST have the ribbed magwell plus the push button cocking handle. May also do an even up trade for a shooter grade gun that has an interesting or bizarre history. I do not know how to post pictures but I have taken about 2 dozen pics and can send them to your email or phone. Email feldherrnhalle@hotmail.com or text/phone (307) 670-3039. If no answer, please leave name, number and a short message. Also if you are serious about this gun, I HIGHLY recommend you come and see this gun in person.
  18. Reising M50, original parkerized finish, SN:113XXX with 2 tuned Ken Christie 30rd magazines, and one new in wrap. In stock and ready to ship, and I efile form 3s. $6,500.00 delivered. I accidentally deleted all the pics I took this morning, but you can see it in the video linked below. I'll post pics tonight. Skip to 5:50 for the Reising. https://youtu.be/onqGNrWQ7us?t=346
  19. I am selling my transferable Savage M1 Thompson. The trigger frame was also built by Savage, but the serial number does not match. The rear sight retains a blued finish, but I can include a parkerized Lyman fixed sight (without ears) for the buyer, if desired. The USGI markings (FJA, Ordnance Wheel, GEG stamps, and proofmarks) are all visible. It has an M1 bolt and functions perfectly. It is on a Form 4 in Maine. Asking $18,750 for the gun and 2 magazines, shipped to your dealer. I can accept checks or money orders - will start the paperwork once funds clear. I am happy to send additional photos. Prospective buyers are welcome to inspect it in person. You can view my posts and feedback (which goes back over 10 years and is all positive) using the same username (NavyEngineer) on several shooting forums (I'd be happy to PM or e-mail you links to my feedback). I can be reached via PM or at NavyEngineer1@gmail.com Thanks for looking! Video with livefire: https://vimeo.com/282937767 Full size photos of several of the images below can be viewed using this link: https://ibb.co/album/gRs4ov
  20. Hello, I am selling the C&R MP40 Amnesty registered by Country Music Legend Hank Williams Jr. (A Country Boy Can Survive, Me and My Rowdy Friends). Son of Nashville Royalty Hank Williams, Sr. (Hey Good Lookin, Your Cheatin Heart, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, etc.) Comes with a copy of original Amnesty form dated 1969. Gun is coded ayf 43 and is mismatched and reblued. Most parts match (end cap, trigger guard, folding stock, receiver tube, rear site, and firing pin). Mismatched parts are bolt (original), mag well (original), but I believe this was a period replacement, barrel (postwar), barrel nut (postwar?) I also believe the cocking handle is postwar.. The sear is in the white so my guess is postwar. As said before gun is reblued over light pitting. I took the gun out on Friday and shot 250 rounds through it (Winchester white box and PMC) the result was no jams and ran like a sewing machine. I have no idea how to post pics but I am very good at sending them from my phone. Priced at $24,750. On a Form 4 in WY. 100% Funds upfront to start paperwork. I strongly suggest coming to see the gun in person. I am a short 45 minute jet ride from Denver. You can fly in on United or fly in on your private jet. I am also open to a partial trade for one of the following: 1) Beretta 38/42 or 38/44 2) Smith and Wesson 76 3) Sten tube gun or possibly C&R gun 4) WW2 Luger shooter grade (valued from $1000-$1500 or so) 5) Erma EMP, MP34o Phone (307) 670-3039 Mountain Time Call or Text, email feldherrnhalle@hotmail.com Robert
  21. This C&R US Property marked, M1-A1 Thompson, serial number 635813, was made by Savage Arms in Utica, NY, under contract to Auto-Ordnance in Bridgeport, CT, and was likely manufactured during the Spring of 1943. The trigger frame serial number does not match the receiver serial number. The bolt is M1 parkerized and as such the "A1" part of the marking on the frame has been X out, the selector levers are pin-type, and the buttstock features the reinforcing cross-bolt. The buttstock is marked "MR" for Mount Rainier Ordnance Depot. The weapon has definitely been refinished. It features a very faint Ordnance wheel stamping, and is also acceptance stamped (twice) again very faint and very hard to see. Its military inspector stamp of "FJA" also very faint is from Colonel Frank J. Atwood, who was the Army Inspector of Ordnance for the Rochester, NY district beginning on June 15, 1942. Included in the sale is a reproduction Kerr sling, custom made discrete ballistic nylon case, 4 magazines and a copy of American Thunder II Second edition. Serious parties may view and test fire the gun in Wisconsin. Buyer pays all Taxes, fees and shipping. Jeff Whisler Jwhisler33@gmail.com 262-623-7450 Jackson, WI
  22. Transferable: Armi Jager-Bingham LTD, AK22 select fire, conversation by Hard Times Armory. Shoots great. Well taken care of weapon. Comes with an extra bolt, magazine, 50 round Bingham drum and owners/operators manual from Bingham. Drum has been reworked to operate in this weapon. Have more photos and a short video link. Form 3, we use the eFile system. Can transfer to a Nevada resident, Corp or Trust on a Form 4... $8,495 Includes shipping FedEx 3 day. C&R Ingram M6 Police Package: (Pending) Includes original case, only 20 cases built for POC. By a custom case maker in the LA area, this is 1of 20. Also, included, 2 factory magazines, 1 Thompson converted magazine and one cleaning rod. Copy of the Original Form 2 from the FOIA request. 1952 manufacture with the earlier features. Extra recoil spring. More photos on request... Form 3 eFile. Can transfer to a C&R license holder in a State that allows it, or a Nevada resident, Corporation or Trust. Form 4... If you like Gordon Ingram's MACs, you'll appreciate this fine subgun. Great addition to any collection... $9,495... Been a member of the boards since 2003. David
  23. We have for sale an Amnesty registered M55 Reising. It has been parkerized and it was reactivated at one point. I have the FOIA paperwork. The Amnesty paperwork was submitted 11/13/1968 at the Seattle WA office of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Tax department. Approved on 12/4/1968. FOIA paperwork is included in the purchase. The Reising comes with two stocks, one the military style and the M55 folding one. Includes one factory 20 round magazine and one Christie 30 rounder. Shoots without hesitation and the barrel is sound. Hits where it’s pointed... Receiver is the 2nd design, this is a factory Model 55 receiver, not a M50, and it reads from the left side of the weapon. It has the military rear site with the reinforcing ribs stamped into the sight. The metal on the wire stock is not parkerized as the later model. It has the three screw milled trigger guard. The solid stock has a three screw stamped trigger guard and both have the larger take down screw found on the military stocks. The one piece stock allows for more controlled fire. The parkerized finish is well done and there are no rough areas in the finish. The original barrel has been replaced. The firearm was reactivated after the original owner’s estate transferred. The replacement barrel is the correct Reising 14 finned model. A replacement barrel is common after a reactivation. Have it in stock on a F3, we efile. Will transfer out on a Form 4 to a Nevada resident, corporation, etc, or a C&R holder in a state that allows MG ownership. We have lots of photos and a couple short recent videos. Will respond in the order of any inquiries... $8,500 Shipped... Been a member of the boards since 2003... David
  24. We have a 1944 Russian Ppsh41 that was acquired in 1951 from Korea and brought back to the states after the war. The original owner filed a US Treasury Department/IRS Form 1 on November 19,1962. Approved on December 19,1962. It was sold as part of an estate sale in 2006 after his death, to a buyer in Albuquerque NM. Where the weapon was originally registered. It was reactivated, (barrel replaced) and then transferred to a Form 4 by the previous owner. The original barrel comes with the purchase as well as the bolt, as the firing pin has been compromised. How, who knows? There is a replacement barrel and bolt in the weapon. We purchased this Ppsh 41 in 2008 and took it out a couple of times since. We have a short video from a few winters ago. This weapon has patina from its use and travels, the buttstock has some Cyrillic letters on the left side. The original stock has seen a lot of action, but is still in one piece and fits the weapon nicely. The markings,(date 1944 and a star) on the top of the receiver; and these markings are the most common out there. The matching SN also appears on the outside bottom of the trigger guard and on the lower receiver that extends into the top of the buttstock. This firearm comes with a parts stock. I highly recommend using this stock when shooting it. One drum and 2 stick magazines are included. Also, included is the original Form 1 with the original envelope and the assorted stamps, (Dallas TX office of the A&T.T.) on the back of the Form 1. A short biography of the veteran who originally owned this subgun. It will transfer out on a tax exempt Form 3 to your SOT of choice. It can transfer to a C&R FFL on an approved Form 4 or a Form 4 to a non SOT Nevada buyer. We have plenty of photos and a video on request. Everything is in our Dropbox file, so we can send links via email for those interested. Been a member of the boards since 2003... David DCI, 07/SOT Reno, NV
  25. Here's a freshly blue printed West Hurley M1 with M1A1 hardware. It's on a Form 4 with several accessories as in XXX mags and others. The blueprinting was done by Paul Krough, it's as dependable as a fresh GI model. You can't find a better, more durable Thompson. Asking $21K For further info email me at dlregister1@gmail.com Thanks for looking
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