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  1. We have a new 3rd hole jig that works on BOTH sides of the lower. Past ones only worked on one side which could cause problems and you would need a drill press to accurately guide the pin & it was the only complaint with that past with this type of jig. With ours you just need a standard hand drill to drill both sides. This is a new design that we have feedback from. Hardened drill bushings for a lifetime of accurate surface. Aluminum with hardened pressed fit steel bushings and pins. Just contact us, but we will have you send us a copy of your FFL & SOT. We will only ship to the addresses on the FFL& SOT license, but you can have more than one jig. $50 each with $8.95 flat shipping. https://www.cryostructure.com/product/sot-micro-jigs/
  2. For Sale: Colt SP1 AR15 full auto conversion by John Norrell. The conversion was done on a form 1 in April of 1986 by my customer for whom I'm selling it. His name/city/state is engraved on the right side of the receiver on the magwell. It's very faint but can be seen in the close up photo. He had John Norrell perform the conversion. The manufacturer on the form 1 (and now form 4) is Colt. It has a 20" pencil 5.56 Colt barrel and Colt full auto BCG. Full auto 3 position selector. It's in good condition and runs great -- see video in the link below. This machinegun is on a form 4 at my shop in AR and will transfer to your dealer on an electronic form 3. $29,500 + $200 insured shipping to your dealer. Link to full resolution photos and video Please email or call with any questions you have. brennan@firearms4less.com 501-680-4867
  3. List of Colt firearms for sale: *** COLT SP1 SOLD*** #1: Colt AR-15 Model SP1. Late 1970's mfg. All original Colt parts. Nothing replaced. Will come with CMORE Colt SP1 Type Optic that mounts to Carry Handle. Very typical SP1 safe queen. Has best trigger (OEM) of any SP1 I've fired: $1800 #2: Colt AR-15 A2 Sporter Rifle ***SOLD ****. Mid 80's transition model. (Transition between SP1 and A2 models) No sear block. Bayonet lug. Small pin fire control group. Flash hider. Big hole lower. A1 upper with A1 rear sight, A2 front sight. 1/7 twist standard weight barrel. A2 Round handguards. All original Colt OEM parts. Basically a semi auto clone of the 1980's M16A2: $2000 Pics: Colt AR-15A2 Rifle Pic 1 (Small) Colt AR-15A2 Rifle Pic 2 (Small) Colt AR-15A2 Rifle Pic 3 (Small) Colt AR-15A2 Rifle Pic 4 (Small) Colt AR-15A2 Rifle Pic 5 (Small) Very Large Pics of AR-15A2 Sporter: Colt AR-15A2 Rifle Pic 1 (Very Large) Colt AR-15A2 Rifle Pic 2 (Very Large) Colt AR-15A2 Rifle Pic 3 (Very Large) Colt AR-15A2 Rifle Pic 4 (Very Large) Colt AR-15A2 Rifle Pic 5 (Very Large) ***** COLT HBAR SOLD ***** #3: Colt AR-15 A2 Heavy Barrel (HBAR). No Sear Block. Bayonet Lug. Flash Hider. Forward Assist. Case Deflector. A2 sights. Round Handguard. Heavy Barrel. A2 Buttstock. A2 Rear Sight. A2 Front Sight. The hardest model of the Colt HBAR line to find. Not neutered in any way. All original Colt parts. Small pin fire control group. $2500 #4 - Colt modern day (2005-2010) push pin lower, Sear bridge/block, small firing pin group, ambi safety, 6921 configuration (not a Colt factory 6921, but all parts identical to Colt 6921). This is a Title 1 firearm. This is NOT a SBR under NFA 34. The Rock River Arms extended A2 flash-hider has been professionally pinned and welded to bring the overall barrel length past 16" while maintaining the correct bayonet lug ring to lug relationship to accept the M7 or M9 M16 baynonet. No bayonet included in sale. All parts are 100% OEM Colt. Colt lower receiver. Colt OEM USGI 14.5" 1/7" twist barrel. Knights Armament Rail Accessory System (KAC-RAS). Colt Flat-top A2 upper receiver. Included in sale is a USGI ACOG TA01 NSN Optic. As pictured, as shown. Has add on single point sling attachment. The rear stock ring has not been drilled out, factory stakes are present. Colt OEM Bolt Carrier Group. No sling. Will sell with two USGI 30 round pre-ban mags. $2000. The rifle is for sale without the ACOG optic for $1500. Firm. Small Pics: https://www.hensleygibbs.com/TCD/FIREARMS/Rifles/Colt/6921/COLTM4ACOG_1S.jpg https://www.hensleygibbs.com/TCD/FIREARMS/Rifles/Colt/6921/COLTM4ACOG_2S.jpg https://www.hensleygibbs.com/TCD/FIREARMS/Rifles/Colt/6921/COLTM4ACOG_3S.jpg https://www.hensleygibbs.com/TCD/FIREARMS/Rifles/Colt/6921/COLTM4ACOG_4S.jpg https://www.hensleygibbs.com/TCD/FIREARMS/Rifles/Colt/6921/COLTM4ACOG_5S.jpg (Photo of pin & weld job) Very Large Pics of 6921 Clone: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Will ship to your FFL dealer at buyers cost. Your FFL must be willing to provide a FFL copy to a non-licensee (me) for shipment. Each rifle with come with one Colt 20 round aluminum mag and one 30 round aluminum mag (Colt or USGI mfg). Available on Form 4 in VA: #5: COLT OEM 6933 11.5" SBR with original box, with Colt Carry Handle: $1300 (Pics coming soon) #6: COLT 6945 10.5" SBR No box, no accessories, with Aimpoint T2 Optic : $1500 (Pics coming soon) Happy to answer any questions over email or PM.
  4. Rare..Excellent Colt Model R6550 Gov't Model 20" AR15. This was as close as Colt produced to a commercial M16A2. They only made these from 1988-1990. This example is a 1988 manufacture low serial number. All original comes as shown with Colt web sling and Colt 20 round magazine. $3500 plus shipping. Cards add 4%.
  5. $39,900 plus shipping Incoming transfer, Form 4 to Form 3 paperwork filed. 50/50 payment to hold. Balance due on filing the form 3. Another beautiful Colt from the same collection, Colt AR-15 Model 639 with Colt Moderator. The Moderators serial number does not match the rifle. All original with 11.5" barrel, vinyl coated carbine stock. Has not been fired in over 10 years. This rifle has been an investment piece its entire life, shows very little wear and no damage.
  6. Varmint/Target AR-15 .223 This AR is built on an DPMS Lower, with a 1” Dia. SS Wilson Barrel Comes with everything you see including the Harris Bipod. Plus 300rds of Developed Ammo,On Remington Nickel Brass.This AR will shoot sub half inch groups at 100yds, from the Bench Rest. Barrel has been Cryoed. Old school Japan made Tasco IV World Class Scope. 5x20x50, has Indexable Target Knobs= ¼” @ 100yds adjustment. Anti-cant Device. AR has adjustable Stock, 24” Floated Barrel, vented Handgaurd, Chrome Molly Bolt w/Titanium Firing Pin, 3 piece SS rear Synch Pin, Muzzel Brake, Pachmayr Grip. I cant remember what Trigger I installed, but it Brakes cleanly at 1.5oz and is adjustable for Creep and pull weight. I am the original owner. Buyer pays shipping. I will also need to know if the Ammo can be sent directly to Buyer or to FFL. I live in NE Ohio, if your local, you can come see it. If you have any questions, feel free to Text or Call. Ron 33zero-348-one762. I can send pictures, if there is anything you want to see. $1399.00/Offer
  7. Early 1973 Pre Ban Colt Sporter one, Comes with 2 Colt 20s and on Colt 30 Round. Am the Original Owner, Has that Retro Viet Nam Era Look. $2100 Shipped FFL to FFL
  8. I am looking for a reasonably priced, Pre-86 and Fully Transferable M16A2. I am in Pennsylvania. Thanks! Jim
  9. Drop in Auto Sear, DIAS, for AR-15 Steel fully transferable. Asking - $36,000 This is a fully transferable DIAS (Drop In Auto Sear) that was registered pre-1986 and designed for the Colt AR-15 model SP1. The DIAS allows semi and full auto function when you install your M16 full auto parts such as the hammer, trigger, selector, disconnector and bolt. BATF paperwork and auto sear markings show that the manufacturer is Scorpion Armament in Baytown, TX. This is an all steel construction auto sear base and toggle. It has been test fired in a Colt AR-15 model SP1. DIAS is ready to transfer to a class III dealer on an NFA e-form 3. Buyer pays $150 shipping FedEx priority. Firearm(s) in this ad are possessed by, titled to, and will be shipped by John Norrell Inc. These are not being brokered and are not third-party sales. Firearm in this ad will be transferred to a class III dealer on an ATF E-form 3. John Norrell has been a licensed manufacturer and dealer (C-2/C-3) for 35 years and is currently an officer of the U.S. Federal Court appointed in the role as a Special Master administrator to liquidate NFA firearms released directly to us by ATF under court order. All NFA rules apply. Acceptable payment will be in the form of either a cashier's check or a money order payable to JOHN NORRELL, INC. Transfer will take place when funds have been cleared by the bank. The bank may add a hold time of 11 days. This item is listed by, and the website and postings are monitored by Ann Shelnutt of John Norrell, Inc. When a party offers the full advertised amount, they are automatically the official buyer and any ongoing negotiations or conversations with other parties are no longer relevant. Stock no. N-1332
  10. Any knowledgeable person ever seen one of these lights. Standard M-16 bayo mount. Light is plastic, mount hardware is metal and well made. Looking for value, age and who used them. I've had it more than 25 years. Thanks, Dave
  11. For Sale Like-New Upgraded Colt AR-15 - $2399 Colt AR-15A4 Lightweight LE Carbine (Test fired only) Magpul Gray handguards, pistol grip, VFG and CTR stock Blue Force Gear Gray Vickers sling with QD hardware(not fixed) Troy rear BUIS BCM Gunfighter Charging handle Geissele Super Dynamic 3 Gun Not included - Aimpoint T1 w/Larue lower 1/3 riser and Tango Down Cover ($500 for Aimpoint and mount) https://imgur.com/5VfLHS6 https://imgur.com/dRNSMVp
  12. Up for sale I have a like new pre-ban colt AR-15 R6003. This gun came from the factory with the Colt 4x scope, Gun is like new condition was purchased from the original owner in the early 80's. 2000.00 plus ship.
  14. Registered Lightning Link $15,000 Been sitting in the safe for years Comes as shown. I recommend a Lightning Link Re-Enforcer by KNS so you do not put any stress on the registered part. You'll need some paddles too, but they are cheap. I'll throw in a cut bolt-carrier as well. Ready to ship from my dealer You are responsible for shipping, and taxes from your dealer to you. Funds up front. No trades. Feel free to text me at 816.616.9616 or email ericg8@hotmail.com References cheerfully provided.
  15. 3-Pack of Anderson AM-15 Multi-Cal Stripped Lower Receivers in Retail Packaging. $145.00 Shipped CONUS (No Credit Card Fees) https://www.sidearmsams.com/shop/anderson-mutli-cal-am-15-3-pak-stripped-lower-receivers/ 954-960-2596 - sales@sidearmsams.com
  16. Title 1 Firearm Sale: Anderson AM-15 (New in Box) - $439 + $20 shipping -------------------------------------- Colt 6920MP-R (New in Box) - $879 + $20 shipping Colt 6920 (New in Box) - $879 + $20 shipping -------------------------------------- HK USP 45compact tactical (used 100 rounds) - $1,000 + $35 shipping w/ case, 2 mags, thread protector, spent case, lock, raised trijicons, warranty card HK4 9mm (used, excellent) - $500 +$35 shipping (Sold) w/ Box, 2 mags, target, original receipt, original warranty card --------------------------------------- Keltec KS7 (New in Box) - $475 + $20 shipping Keltec KSG (New in Box) - $699 + $25 shipping Keltec P32 (New in Box) - $179 + $25 shipping Keltec PMR (New in Box) - $459 +$35 shipping --------------------------------------- (2) NAA Black Widow 22 magnum (New in Box) - $249 each + $35 shipping w/ Locking case Thanks, Guy (GM/FL) - email direct: class2fl@aol.com FFL/SOT
  17. 1967-production Colt SP1, Curio & Relic Semi-automatic rifle. Helping a close, personal friend part with this rifle. Ad retracted.
  18. All new, never used from the factory. Picture is in order of the list. All prices are without shipping cost. PayPal only. ALL BARRELS NOW $100 EACH + SHIPPING 16" Green Mountain nitride 1/9 twist 20" stainless varmint Green Mountain 1/8 twist 20" stainless Green Mountain 1/8 threaded twist 16" Green Mountain 1/7 chrome/phosphate twist 16" Green Mountain 1/9 twist 16" chrome/phosphate Green Mountain 1/9 twist 16" Green Mountain 300 BLK 1/8 twist 14.5" Green Mountain chrome 1/7 twist 17" pinned and welded heavy profile 6x45 barrel
  19. I have for sale a like new Rock River Arms LAR-9 carbine. It has had maybe 10-15 rounds through it since new. Comes with the factory 10rd mag, backup sights, and a factory case. I'm asking $775.00 shipped. Will only ship to the lower 48 and states where its legal to own. I accept discreet paypal (buyer pays fees) or USPS money order.
  20. Hello Sturm Members - Long time member from Buddy's board years ago getting back in to the firearm world. I purchased two SSAR-15®SBS stocks from SlideFire and realized I checked out with the wrong items. I can return them as they've never been used or mounted but since they've become a bit hard to come by, I thought I would offer them here first...in case anyone missed out. I'm not looking to make money...just recover my cost. Price: $210 including shipping to the USA only. (I can not ship this item to MA) Shoot me an email and I'll reply with a phone number so we can speak live if you prefer. This is also my verified PayPal email address. Payment via PayPal or check is just fine. Email: peter.fruehling@comcast.net Thanks for looking and let me know what questions you have. - Peter Fruehling
  21. Testing the text and image posting...
  22. We have 4 Bushmaster M-16 parts kits with complete uppers for sale. Kits will come with everything needed to put on to your registered lower receiver and start shooting. Barrels are chrome lined 14" 1/9 twist, and all uppers will have an A.R.M.S #40 flip up sight. All uppers will also have surefire M500A hand guards. All items appear to be in good useable condition. Price is 650.00- SOLD!!
  23. This rifle was built by Bruce Dow of Dow Arms in Dade City, FL. It was one of 25, this being number 15. Carbine length gas system, 20" 1:9 Barrel chambered in .223Rem only. Side charging handle. The entire upper was made by Dow to look like an FAL. Front sight and regulator from an FAL were used(regulator does not function as gas adjustment). Forearm and barrel nut are custom to this rifle. Walnut forearm and stock. 2 stage trigger. It comes with a Colt 20rd magazine. $4000 + Shipping Florida residents add 7% tax. 3-5-Two-Three-8-Five-2-7-Six-7 is our phone number, please call with additional questions.
  24. The PWS FSC muzzle brakes we offer achieve easier and faster followup shots than other muzzle brake devices. Adds an aggressive look to your rifle but TAMES the recoil like no other! These fit vari HK firearms including the HK G3/91, 93/33, HK 416/MR556, MR762, PTR models All Variants (2016 forward production), and even M16 & AR15 rifles. Be sure to check out the list below. Order on our website or by phone. WWW.HKPARTS.NET || 801.987.3494 ____________ PWS FSC556 For HK416, MR556 & AR15/M16 || $97.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/PWS-FSC556-For-HK416-MR556-AR15-M16-2p1647.htm PWS FSC HK Threaded Barrel Compensator - 15X1 || $98.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/PWS-FSC-HK-Threaded-Barrel-Compensator-8p837.htm PWS PTR - FSC Threaded Compensator - 5/8 X 24 || $99.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=17777&idcategory=8 ____________ Thanks for looking! Click here to visit our website to view more HK parts & accessories.
  25. We offer quite a few X Products 50 Round Drums for the HK 91/G3/PTR, AR-9MM, AR-15 .223/556 & AR-15 308, and M14/M1A .308 rifles. These are some of the best designed drums that are made from steel & aluminum and are easy to load and unload. We offer a few skeletonized drums, so be sure to check out the listings below. Order on our website or by phone. WWW.HKPARTS.NET || 801.987.3494 _____________ [HK 91, G3, PTR Drums] 50 Round Drum For HK 91, G3 & PTR Rifles || $249.95 [PICTURED - TOP RIGHT] https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/50-Round-Drum-For-HK-91-G3-PTR-Rifles-9p1283.htm 50 Round Drum HK 91, G3 & PTR - Skeletonized || $299.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/50-Round-Drum-HK-91-G3-PTR-Skeletonized-9p16731.htm _______ [AR-15 Drums] X-15 50 Round Drum AR15, M4, MR556 .223/556- Black || $199.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/X-15-50-Round-Drum-AR15-M4-MR556-223-556-Black-2p14404.htm X-25 50 Round Drum for AR-15 308 Style Rifles || $269.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/X-25-50-Round-Drum-for-AR-15-308-Style-Rifles-2p1996.htm X-15 Skeletonized 50 Round Drum for AR-15 .223/556 - Black || $297.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/X-15-Skeletonized-50-Round-Drum-for-AR-15-223-556-Black-2p16554.htm X-25 50 Round Drum Skelontized For AR-15 308 Style Rifles || $349.95 [PICTURED - BOTTOM LEFT] https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/X-25-50-Round-Drum-Skelontized-For-AR-15-308-Style-Rifles-2p17764.htm _______ [AR-9MM Drum] X-9 50 Round Drum Magazine For AR - 9MM || $219.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/X-9-50-Round-Drum-Magazine-For-AR-9MM-2p17766.htm _______ [M14 Drum] X14 50 Round Drum for M14, M1A .308 Rifles-USED || $249.95 https://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/X14-50-Round-Drum-for-M14-M1A-308-Rifles-USED-2p17884.htm _____________ Thanks for looking! Click here to visit our website to view more HK parts & accessories.
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