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  1. WTB Pre-ban Galil

    OP - Sent you pm to email / '62GUNS'
  2. PM emailed. Thank you '62GUNS' Johnstown, Ohio
  3. Were interested in your WWII Eastman Kodak Matchbox OSS Camera; have several items we would consider trading. Hit this number to leave voice message if we cant answer, or text; 740-817-2971 '62GUNS' Johnstown, Ohio
  4. Colt M16A2 Auto Marked transferable $35,000

    If available, pics would be wonderful! Thanks
  5. WTB Pre-ban Galil

    We have several. Can you specify exactly which you are seeking? Thanks
  6. WTB: Brugger & Thomet VP-9

    B&T Veterinary Closed Bolt 9mm Suppressed Pistol; 45acp also of interest Neal or John 740-817-2971 https://bt-ag.ch/en/products/bt-firearm-products/vp9/
  7. WTB Boys Anti Tank Rifle in .50

    We have a Boys - Mfg. by 'John Inglis - Canada', with the desirable HARMONICA Muzzle Brake; Gun Acquired from Bob Landies, 1980's; Displayed Only. This BOYS AT Rifle, is a Rebarrel to .50bmg, expertly done by Pennsylvania gunsmith Craig Jordan, dba 'Tiffany Arms' & it's a Showpiece! Included are Metal Mag Box, Four ( 4 ) Original .55 Mags, ( 1 ) Converted to .50bmg Mag; One ( 1 ) Custom Mfg., by Craig Jordan, 'Tiffany Arms SCOPE Mount' - attaches by sliding into rear sight Dovetail; Several Original Tools; Web gear; Five ( 5 ) .55 Boys AP Rnds on stripper, in Pouch (to display). Everything is correct - a beautiful example. PM for photo
  8. No Letter Post Sample clean up sale

    Text & telecon; Thank you!
  9. 1986 - 1999 held Class3 NFA; my Most enjoyment nowadays, is taking a Brick of 500 .22lr & my AWC 'Amphibian - Ruger, or my Doc Dater 'Operator - Ruger, sit on an old tree stump & Pop a Plate or Beer Can; my 'clear the cobwebs' therapy; I occasionally run a mag or 3 through a vintage Colt 5.56mm 'xm177e2, or 'M16 A2, Sterling MKV 9MM, or Mini Uzi; but Nothing compares to my Suppressed. 22 Pistols