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  1. Private Party Transfers

    Wouldn’t recommend anyone do a lock box. People have to figure things out on their own though.
  2. Private Party Transfers

    If I were you I would reach out to an attorney who’s job it will be to reach out to the local atf field office and the US attorneys office in the jurisdiction this is occurring in and get assurances from those offices that what you are planning is ok and you will not face federal prosecution. Had a couple of mg’s stored with a sot dealer about two decades ago, and the dealer became the target of a federal investigation. Long story short had to wait a couple of years to get the mg’s out of the atf field office where they were being stored as they were seized. Had to work with an atf special agent, and the nfa branch to coordinate retrieval. Not going to dive into specifics of this. If the seller is moving soon you might be able to get your items faster if the seller contacts the nfa branch to let them know of the move while your forms are pending. The nfa branch will work with someone who is moving to another state with pending items in transfer status. You have to give them heads up though and some kind of proof of an impending move out of state.
  3. Potential Scam Accounts

    Google has an intake form to report scams. Should consider using it.
  4. Private Party Transfers

    Contract protects both parties as expectations are in writing for the item while it’s in transfer status. It’s your first acquisition. You’re afraid which is normal. You could stipulate in the contract to strip all of the parts off the receiver so the seller is left with just that a bare receiver, and you take home the unregulated parts. You pick up after approval comes in. Becoming a co-trustee is not worth it. Good luck either way.
  5. Private Party Transfers

    Depends on what your trying to achieve. Security that you will eventually get your item go with a contract that would be enforceable in the jurisdiction you live in. The trust route would work too and you would get the item in your hands sooner however what if you break it while it’s in transfer to you? Then what? That is why a seller might be hesitant to go that route. Too many variables that could go wrong. Be patient like everyone else buying nfa stuff. Good luck
  6. Private Party Transfers

    Trusts are an estate planning tool. Highly unlikely they would agree to add you to their trust even if it’s the only item in the trust. They likely have the power to remove you from the trust with a quick amendment then you are forced to return trust property to the grantor/settlor. If you want piece of mind draft up a contract for the sale of the item and wait for the item to be approved. Pay with a method to track the money, ie check/money order/bank check etc. Any failure to deliver on the contract/sellers part is going to be a civil issue. Don’t expect the nfa to help you out there.
  7. Private Party Transfers

    How else would it go from the seller to the dealer if the seller is not licensed? Yes, two stamp transaction. Is the dealer paying for it or are you? The sot dealer is there to assist you in the transaction because you are not licensed. That’s it, and to make sure you are suitable to have the item after the tax return is completed by the nfa branch and they do their thing with fbi background check etc. Why would the seller agree to adding you to their trust? Is it a relative selling to you? You’re still going to need an sot to facilitate the interstate movement of the item in question regardless to have it transferred to you.
  8. Future of NFA items

    Do not believe Americans Constitutional rights are up to the opinion of a small court. Read these: and Buy whatever you want.
  9. Future of NFA items

    Don’t live in fear Kevin. Buy what you want guns, land, etc.
  10. Future of NFA items

    Read up on the 5th amendment to the US Constitution and the takings clause. Buy whatever you want. Don’t be afraid of confiscation. The constitution protects Americans from governments actions to take personal property.
  11. Please send me a PM or reply to this thread.
  12. You must read/scan the 68 pages and determine if any of the provisions of FL statutes will prohibit the transfree from possessing the item in question. If yes, that would cause a denial of the prospective application. This is link goes straight to the FL statutes. If you need individualized help this individual can further assist you. He is out of Jacksonville, FL.
  13. It depends. What state is this occurring in? State laws have to be followed in addition to the federal ones for legal firearms transfers. This link below will give you the tool to answer your question.