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  1. My next class will be May 29th you can register online. https://www.ebay.com/itm/192898828104?hash=item2ce9aa8748:g:GEwAAOSwWTZcwjXy
  2. A recent study found that gunowners are becoming the worst boat captains of any group. New legislation being introduced will require a life preserver for every firearm on board a water craft while underway.
  3. What gets me are the two kinds of idiots and how they respond to ammo shortage. The ones who line up at Cabela's and Bass Pro every morning at 0800 and stampede when the doors open and if they have any ammo its all gone in 15 minutes. The others who actually pay $1.00 a round for 9mm ball when it shows up an hour later on gunboards and armslist. This whole thing would stop in 2 weeks if dumbasses would just quit paying ridiculous prices for online ammo. Theres always some who insist on going full retard.
  4. WTS H&K MP5'S

    I have a building lot near Carolina Beach 0.63 acres listed for $79,000 that I would be willing to trade for near equal value for an MP5, Mac10, Sig MCX, Uzi model B or M6a3 I am already listing the property at a loss so as long as we can get close I will be happy. William Gentry 919 225-9272 WillsRN2000@yahoo.com https://raleigh.craigslist.org/reo/d/wilmington-063-acre-lot-near-carolina/7196826730.html