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  1. Hi! Had some business dealings with the various persons mentioned in our title header: tarh33l, RedRum, Andrew2011, Xanatos903, Yeti Firearms, Nedlik Enterprises, Chef, NWDef all paid promptly, were most courteous and would do business with again. Thanks, everyone. We love this site and love finding deals for the community.
  2. All Sold! Thanks again, folks. Pleasure doing business. Folks that yet need feedback, please feel free to PM and remind me!
  3. Folks that purchase; it's perfectly fine to PM me to remind for feedback from us, once things go through in good time. We do our best to support the peer-review process on SG. <3
  4. TWO REMAIN: Very last photo depicts those exact guns and their condition. Going fast, it would seem! Greetings, all! We've received another lot of police trade-in Mossberg 590A1 Pump-Action Shotguns in SBS format. All of these are SBS, Short Barrel Shotguns. All have flashlight integrated forends/racker units except for one in standard corn-cob forend. Most have Magpul furniture stocks. All have side saddle shotshell holders, most have ghost-ring rear sights with side protector shields. Some still have cruiser/unit decal stickers on the stocks. Some could use cleaning and care; no rust nor corrosion is present however these have finish wear and a few have dings and scratches. These aren't showroom guns, these rode around in the back of cruisers and they show it quite plainly. NOTE: These racker forend units are known to loosen some after years of use. Occasionally, you may need to re-tighten them to ensure the action can travel far enough forward for proper lockup. One or two of these may need that slight tuning. The gun is still functional, it is not defective. All of these firearms were function-checked. Worked with authority, they fed, cycled and ejected properly. $450 Shipped each to the Lower 48 states; $450 + Shipping Cost each for all others. Questions and inquiries are welcomed on the thread or via PM but if you'd like to purchase one please send me a PM and have your information ready, not just a "I'll take it," and we can begin steps to get these into your hands for some fun! All remaining shotguns have wear on the pressure pad; the pad functions but the neoprene cover is torn or missing. All are older surefire light setups with forends except the lonesome OEM style corncob forend. Will update photos soon to reflect what is left, had a lot of interest in these! Thank you!
  5. Just here to leave some friendly feedback from a couple recent transactions for blastermike, dbd and jones'n. Each of them purchased a UMP45 parts kit from us in addition to some extra/spare magazines we had from our spare parts inventory. Payment was prompt and they were very polite and professional. We would love to do business with each of them again if the opportunity arises. Thanks!
  6. Pending Sale for final pieces...will mark thread as sold if all goes as planned.
  7. We have returned with a small lot of HK UMP45 Parts Kits in Good condition; these will show wear from use. Overall they are certainly in operable condition. All kits come with 1 magazine. 2 kits have the front end of the receiver with rails; 2 kits do not. WITH front receiver half+rails: $1800 shipped. ALL SOLD WITHOUT front receiver half: $1600.00 Shipped. ALL SOLD Per the usual with us lately please send direct message/DM rather than posting that "I'll take it," so that we can provide you where to contact us at and how we can accept payment. Questions may be put here or sent via DM. First come, first served as best we can. Thanks!
  8. It's still the coolest location to visit, in this employee's humble opinion. Here since 1939 and we would cordially welcome you to visit again! Our Blue Label LE program is still running strong if you are still LE or have completed a LEOSA/etc among some other qualifiers! (You may call 614-471-0712 for Law Enforcement Sales.) -Gale, Vance Outdoors Law Enforcement Division Sales
  9. Wanted to express the professional pleasure of dealing with Got Uzi; he showed up in person at my store's location and purchased all of the AR parts kits we had listed on an ad just a day or two after the listing; one at $360, one at $380 and the rest for $400 a piece. He arrived for an in-person pickup, ready to pay in full with cash and was very polite despite me needing extra time to ring the transaction through our register properly.
  10. All of these are now pending Sale: Will update and mark as sold if that carries through. I do appreciate such prompt interest!
  11. Up for sale are a few AR parts kits with shorter barrel stylings: A few in 10.5" with short gas tubes and one in 15" with midlength gas tube. Brakes/Flash hiders have not been welded on any of these, these are all indeed under 16" of length. With one exception (see below), these are complete kits containing all necessary parts to assemble, including a BCG, trigger assembly, etc. (minus the receiver.) Note that these are all shipped with rifle buffer tubes and rifle stocks, those specific parts are not suitable for assembly with a barrel under 16" unless you wish to assemble these into an SBR with approved paperwork in advance. These are all stamped as 5.56mm on the barrel and are chambered for 5.56 NATO/5.56x45mm. Some of these have varied markings, up to or including a C designation; so some of these may be Colt receivers. Not certain of age of production. General photos are posted for reference. Additional may be requested. All are rated to be in Good (G) condition, they are used and will show wear and marks on: Finish, Barrel, Receiver, Forend/Forend Rails, Sights, etc. They're not show pieces, but they're certainly shooter-grade. The bores are in good shape, rifling is clear, no obstructions, debris nor deposits/pitting. These appear to have been reasonably cared for. I have 3 with round handguards, 3 with railed forends and 1 round guard for the 15" with mid-length gas tube. Pricing as follows: $400 shipped for all -except- for one railed kit missing a couple of small parts; that one is $380 shipped. The mid-length 15" barrel kit is also $400 shipped, same as the 10.5" barrel kits. We are able to respond to direct PM's easier than thread replies; we will do our best to update and mark as sold once all are gone. Thanks!
  12. Hi! Had a recent transaction with Cosmos556 for a Remington 870 Police trade-in 12 gauge pump-action SBS and wanted to put up some praise where praise is due. Was a pleasure to assist them with the sale and would welcome repeat business in the future.
  13. Hi! We've been having some great dealings with the community lately and wanted to begin to make some mentionings every so often in the interest of peer-review! Apologies if we have left you out (I've had a lot to handle aside from our Sturmgewehr and Gunbroker account I operate for the company to liquidate/sell inventory.) Sold some Benelli M1 Super 90 models: Huggytree, Venomous08 and Jhawk were quick to supply FFL/SOT and payment, all were very polite and professional. Please feel free to leave a post here if I have neglected to give you the feedback you deserve for our dealings we've had or contact me personally so that I may edit my post to add this in. I'll try to hang onto messages in my inbox a bit more often. <3
  14. The shortest we've experienced around 3-4 weeks or less via e-file as of a couple months ago. Haven't had a chance to take an average sampling from our latest paperwork batch though; it could be a little less.
  15. Up for sale is a Remington 870 Police Magnum Pump-Action SBS in good condition with 3 inch magnum receiver; it has finish wear externally, and some residue internally. The bore however is bright and shiny, so some effort of care was put into this. This is a police trade-in, expect scuffs, scratches and honest wear. This was tested with dummy shells and cycled well, the extractor is a machined piece, not stamped so it will wear a little better. It sports a rear ghost ring sight and a raised front blade target sight; "MOD" fixed choke on barrel, so slugs can be used without issue. Pistol grip adjustable position stock, no fractures or splits/cracks. Would make a good shooter-grade to your range collection. $450 shipped. We only have this one, the photos are of this individual unit, so if you'd like this act promptly! Thanks for looking!
  16. Our parts needed model goes to you, Sir. Two left, functional with iron sights folks! <3
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