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  1. Well scammer at it again

    Was contacted from same email about a SP5k-PDW…even has a copy of B&R’s current SOT and FFL.
  2. HK SP5k-PDW

    I’m signed up for restock notices from numerous dealers and check GB daily…I’m just not finding a new one, let alone close to MSRP. if anyone knows of any dealers with a new PDW model in stock, I would appreciate the heads up!
  3. Per our email, I’ll take the 220 mags - thank you!
  4. Email coming on P220 mags
  5. If it doesn’t have to be OEM and for a Gen 1-4:
  6. Thank you Alan, I’ll take the grip and loader per our PMs!
  7. Looking for a usable condition Benelli M1 Super 90 barrel with Rifle Sights. As long as there is no rust and it is shootable, condition isn’t as important as price. Going to chop it to 10”, so any length (Entry 14”, 18”, 20”, etc) works.
  8. Are SBR's Still worth it

    I vote if you want a SBR get a legit SBR...every 4-8 years whether shouldering a brace may or may not get you tackled and shackled changes. Braces have their place, but definitely shouldn’t be marketed as shortcuts to SBRs. Two pennies...
  9. 40mm LMT Under Barrel Lancher

    What model is this? L2B rail mounted? Thanks!
  10. Dang...didn’t hit submit reply quick enough! 2nd in line please if x50 changes mind, thanks!
  11. current wait times

    Just got the “come pick yours up” notice from the dealer yesterday...F4 submitted July 2019, approved 6/24/2020, at dealer 7/15.