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  1. I have had multiple dealings with Marc. He is good to go.
  2. Plus with the barrel porting, no way would I run cast through mine.
  3. I have not run cast in any of my guns. They are with to much to run bad/dirty ammo. Getting carbon out of a suppressor is one thing but never wanted to try to get lead out. FWIW
  4. More inbound in a couple weeks. This batch is all sold. Thanks everyone. If you want one of the incoming ones pm me and I'll get your name on one. Thanks, TGW
  5. I just got in 8 DPMS M4 configuration A-15's. I will get another 9 in the weeks to follow. Price is $550 +Tax and Shipping, unless you have a tax exempt cert. then the price is $550 plus actual shipping. These are all dept trade in's and in really good shape. Some look almost brand new and others show very little for handling marks coming from a dept. They are currently set up with a rear flip up site but all will come with the removable carry handle as well. Each rifle will come with one Pmag that came with the rifles from the dept. All but 2 have the M16 bolt carrier installed. Any questions please PM me. These will only be listed here on Sturm and nowhere else. Thanks, TGW
  6. Have for sale a Jap 99 Parts Kit. Done damage to gas block and front site. Pics in link. $1000 + actual shipping. Thanks TGW https://photos.app.goo.gl/E7fkR3JPmMdoJj3b8
  7. TGW

    Jap parts kit

    I'll post pics here by the end of the weekend. Then you guys can fill me in on what my friend actually has. Was supposed to get it today but a small monsoon came through and kept him from coming down the mountain.
  8. POHF is still up and running. Just had Mario fix up a AMD-65.
  9. TGW

    Jap parts kit

    Hoping to get time to run up the mountain and get the kit this weekend. As soon as I do I'll confirm what it is and post photos. Thanks, TGW
  10. Have a friend with a Jap parts kit he wants to get rid of. I have no idea of the value/selling price. From what I gather it's the one with the shoulder stock. 96 or 99. It's complete other than receiver and breech block from what I was told. Will see in person in a week or two then list it here. Thanks TGW https://photos.app.goo.gl/E7fkR3JPmMdoJj3b8
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