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  1. Brand new Colt SBRs in stock and ready to transfer on Form 3. 6945 5.56 monolithic $1450.00 6991 9mm $1200.00 6933 5.56 CAR $1200.00
  2. The MAXIM kit is for MG08 and World Standard Maxim's. It will not fit the Russian or 08/15 Maxims

    Who put the stamps and property marks on this gun?
  4. reduced
  5. 1928AC Bridgeport Thompson w/extras

    these are the salad days of buying machine guns.
  6. WTS: German MG34 parts kits - $1795. - Free Shipping

    This post is 3yrs old, and the seller hasn't visited this site in 2yrs. It's probably safe to assume they are sold out and the admins should close this thread.
  7. Make sure the only way the water leaves is as steam!
  8. Russian 1910 Snowcap Maxim

    Spot on about the WWII guns, and all water cooled guns are WAY down, except for rare original Maxim's. The only thing lower than WC belt feds right now are pre-mays. This gun is listed at a fair price considering the accessories. Were it on a Form3, I'd probably buy it.
  9. Russian 1910 Snowcap Maxim

    It's a form 4 transfer.
  10. If it could talk it probably wouldn't have much to say. Its in too good of a condition to have seen much if any action.
  11. Russian 1910 Snowcap Maxim

    You believe or you know? Is this gun in the possession of a dealer - FFL/SOT who will efile the transfer to another dealer?
  12. Russian 1910 Snowcap Maxim

    Will this transfer out of state on a Form 3 or 4?