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  1. Did you ever get a DCL110 from DI Optical?

    1. daninnm


      I bought a DCL110 3x for the M2HB  and a DCL100 for my HK 21   slicker than snot!!!!!  On both

    2. EdBlake24


      Oh cool.  Did get get them direct from DI Optical?  May I ask how much you paid?

  2. did you buy one or two? great optical devices for the 50.....love the 200 yd increment knob on the DCL!!!! It works great out to 1200 yards - farthest I have range for!!!!
  3. Still have? The movie guys broke one on me I want to replace..... DaninNM NM Movie Miltiaria 505-269-2056
  4. did you get my reply to the add- take the 50 cal T&E and the pintle? Didn't see that the pintle and T&E were marked SOLD!!!??? Dan in NM PM sent
  5. Ill take the 50 cal T&E and the pintle....PM or email drdNOSPAM@lobo.net with a bill and address and I will send $$$ and ship address. PM sent
  6. if your ref is to the M63 M2HB AA gun mount - I would take two TAN catch bags for the M63 mount. Send me a pic of what I am buying and let me know via text where to send $$$ 505 tew-69 205-syx thanks Dan NMMM ALbuquerque
  7. The first picture shows the upper magazine to be a S&W Mod 76 mag but the lower one has a similar shape without the side groove and with a different 'plate' arrangement on the back-top of the magazine. the lower mag will fit in the Mod 76 mag well but sticks and does not feed. I do not have a gun that fits them so need info on what they are? Anyone? Thanks!
  8. delete

    please call 505-tew52-489ate if still for sale.....very interested NM Movie Militaria
  9. call dan fyv05 tew69 205syx thanks
  10. interested in the Reising mags how many do you have?
  11. not concerned about the investment; if i rent them, they'll pay for themselves. just don't want to get stuck with them or forced sales at low prices if i decide to bail on the venture.
  12. I have the machines and tools, and now the time. If I get an SOT 01 or 07 (and I have some bling-type MG parts kits for the movie business already - the stranger the better in the rental business!!!!): What are my options to KEEP or DISPOSE of the post sample I BUILD after I give up the SOT What are my options to KEEP or DISPOSE of post samples I BUY after i give up the SOT? Do the Form 4 guns I already have go on the SOT license (they're in trust) or are they unaffected? Just asking because health issues are just around the corner but I do want to build a few things I can rent to the film industry. In this complex world, the background information turns out to be as important as the start up information. Any pitfalls for applying for the SOT? thanks for answering
  13. Can anyone identify this Pintle Mount?

    send a picture to BMG Parts - if he does not know then??????
  14. WTB: S&W 76 magazines

    How many, where? condition? email drd@lobo.net or fyv05 tew69 205syx Looking to buy up to 8
  15. anyone have a handle on how long it takes to get BATF approval for a armored car export where there are no guns aboard or munitions or barrels but it is armored and made before 1950? Cna it be done in 8 weeks?