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  1. Price reduced to $13,500. more pics available for an email address.
  2. Price reduced to $13,900 - shipping & insurance to your FFL included.
  3. I believe that to be correct - not an expert on the terminology - I have two of these guns but only one FA HardTimes trigger pack (sear) and several non-FA HK trigger packs. Because its a host gun for full auto use and other hosts were posted here - I posted it for what i is capable of being use as. Thanks for the correction/addition info. If moderator wants me to move it I will do so.
  4. Used 37mm AT gun barrel for MV project wanted. Condition of rifllng not to important, need sto ahve reasonable chamber or repairable. - main gun will likely never be shot. Dummy barrel not of interest. Cannon propellant for trade or cahs for trade.
  5. FS: HK-21EUG. All H&K parts on G3 receiver; green military furniture can be swapped for ‘club foot’, etc. Mfg’d and test fired only by Ralph at RTDS. Ralph made two; both put away in the closet for 8 years unfired. Like new though was test fired by Ralph at time of mfg. Call Ralph, he knows those two identical guns; other sold 4 years ago.. Receiver will accept full auto trigger packs available from Class III mfr’s/dealers. Semi-pack included with 1 short & 1 long NOS .308 belt. HK Bipod (ot shown but included). Ralph did not have enough feed trays so Michael's Machines sold & installed the final feed tray mechanism and did the installation. Feed mech shows no scratches - never had a belt through it. New ‘quick change’ barrel. Indiv.. sale; cash or cleared check; Fedex to your FFL paid inclg insurance by seller.$13,900. Dan in NM.
  6. Needed, info on anyone who has one for sale or might sell also appreciated.
  7. WTB: 2 M3A1 37mm Sight Mounts (original or Repo

    I have just about all of the original brass knuckle sight parts for the M3 37mm gun. If interested pm to drd@lobo.net
  8. Sorry, used wrong picture....the uploaded on are correct; taken at BMG Tactical. Did not reply because I had not checked the board for replies. comments to drd@lobo.net WILL GET A RAPID EMAIL REPLY. Feel free to call Ralph at RDTS, he knows who I am and what he built and the parts he used since he did two identical belt feds for me at the time. Walter Bracken at BMG Tactical in Albuquerque has it on his wall if you want to inspect it personally.
  9. For Sale is a HK21E belt-fed MG host by RDTS (Red Dog Tactical Supply (Phoenix) – built specifically by Ralph 6 years ago) in 7.62 complete with bipod and quick-change barrel (obviously). This gun was test fired with a full auto trigger pack (HT Armory) and runs fast and flawlessly. Sold as a host for one. This HK21E was built on new CA G3 receiver in the white with all HK parts. Complete refinishing by Ralph – not a scratch or flaw on this HK anywhere; youcan call Ralph and ask. Comes with semi trigger pack and ready for your FA pack; runs great as a semi as well. Complete gun as finished by Ralph. $11,700. Additional info available for a post or email. Shipping and insurance is $70 (max – less if closer to NM or 0 if picked up here) anywhere in the USA except where prohibited.
  10. After creating a gun trust and transferring NFA arms into the trust, don't you have as short grace period (6 monnths sticks in my mind) to add additional NFA firearms to the trust without more fingerprint cards????? Just checking?!
  11. Original GI .50 spotter rifle barrel (my spare) in excellent condition. Believe it to have been installed in the M40 spotter rifle at one time because surface is not perfect, bluing is mottled but not scrapped or missing or worn. Rifling and Chamber in fine condition. Appears O/W unused. close-up pics available for an email. $1500 plus shipping and insurance
  12. BULL$*!T you didn't PM me or I would have received it...... If "Amanda" replied it must have been from a porno site visit. try the real email drd@lobo.net
  13. Beretta MP38/42 with German waffen markings. $9,900. Super rewat with 95% blue and crisp rifling in the barrel. Heavy fluted barrel and excellent wood. Never sanded or refinished - original condition. Comes with 6 clips (might have 2 more - looking) Runs and shoots well with both triggers. Sling - original in good condition. Seller pays shipping and insurance. On a form 4 in NM. WTS:Beretta MP 38/42 95%, rewat 6 clips $9,900 Form4
  14. Saw an Auto Ord .45 M28A1 semi for sale with the correct looking (but short 11"0 THompson barrel. The receiver was marked Auto-Ordnance and semiautomatic. How does the SBR reg work. Is a regular receiver with a dummy barrel still an SBR (e.g. using the analogy for MGs where it is the receiver that is the MG, not the barrel)? Could you own a A-O receiver that is fully functional and a dummy 45 cal barrel and not have it be an SBR if you don't own the short barrel? Curious!!!!