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  1. I think the import information is on it's barrel assy. The gun was never disassembled and I do not want to take it apart. BORE.
  2. Looking for M2 infrared scope (or parts / components) for T3 carbine. Please let me know what you have. Thank you.
  3. Sterling built in Dagenham semi auto "Police " carbine with 16" barrel NOS condition , UNFIRED. Comes with NOS cleaning kit and one NOS magazine...$3625. E-mail if interested . Pictures on request ( it is NOS Sterling MK6 ). Thank you. BORE.
  4. Original Swedish Ljungman AG 42 field/ cleaning kit. Everything you need to maintain your precious gun , including spare parts ( springs,extractor,firing pin...). $90 delivered Email if interested.
  5. Original early Russian Svt40 magazine in great condition. No letter prefix number.. $225 shipped. Email if interested.
  6. Please , lmk what you have . Semi or select fire .. Thank you.
  7. NIB unfired KBI imported SVD 7.62x54 ( one of 100) with all factory goodies...$35k. Email if interested. Thank you.
  8. Ken Christie 30 round Reising m50/55/60 45ACP magazine. Looks unfired. Finnish on the left side is slightly dull..$320 delivered. Ljungman Swedish AG42 6.5x55 magazine ,excellent condition..$325 delivered.
  9. Looking for military Swedish 6.5x55 mm ammo. Please let me know what you have. Thank you. BORE.
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