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  1. Can I not add photos?

    You have to use a hosting website, like tinypic or imgur to get an image url then put it in using the “insert other media” button. Then it should show up. Use the raw image URL if you use tinypic. This is a photo I took in August during the eclipse.
  2. WTS HK Fleming Auto Sear $30,000

    This might be same scam as flagged on Subguns... Edit: here is the scam flagged Subguns ad I mentioned. Seller is James Williams out of Texas. "H&K MP5K PDW with registered fleming sear ,Gun is in a very good shape, with less than 100 rounds through it, the sear is registered in all 3 calibers and the sear can be removed from this gun to be installed in other HK products. Gun is ready to transfer out to your dealer on a Form 4." http://www.subguns.com/classifieds/index.cgi?db=nfafirearms&website=&language=&session_key=&search_and_display_db_button=on&results_format=long&db_id=27463&query=retrieval
  3. WTS HK Fleming Auto Sear $30,000

    This might be same scam as flagged on Subguns...
  4. I have a C&R with some estate issues going on for 11 months. It last went pending in October 2015.
  5. I'll take one. Will email you... Edit: received mine today 4/15/16, extras included which I didn't order were a .mil manual and gooseneck mount. However, it was the Comp M4 model, which is ok for my use. Minor external wear and dings. Glass and function are perfect. I'm happy. Thanks.
  6. Firearm torque wrench

    Brownells sells Fix It Sticks with 3 limiters, 15, 25 and 65 inch pounds. Not cheap but I like them for smaller torque jobs. I have a FAT too, but for small items or tight spaces it's a bit bulky. http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/general-gunsmith-tools/wrenches/general-wrenches/torque-limiter-fix-it-kit-prod81860.aspx
  7. WTS MP44

    Click share, copy the url of the image, paste into image link, voila. Nice table, too.
  8. WTS-Trans.Reg. HK Sear Pack by T. Dyer

    I sold a bunch of ammo, once fired brass, accessories and several guns soon after Sandy Hook. More than 10 auctions: nobody failed to complete the transaction. Maybe they were more desperate in those times to get stuff.
  9. Palmetto Armory M-16 for sale -SPF-

    I had one of these in semi-auto and it was machined from bar stock. It was soft, and the holes egged, which is why this one has the inserts. It should be fine for shooting now. Back in the day maybe 10 years ago, Olyarms (SGW/Palmetto Armory) would replace these with new receivers, same serial number, but ATF scotched that. My semi-auto receiver I sent back for refinishing and they sent me back a new forged lower with the same serial number. For free.
  10. Unmarrying a sear from a HK MP5 SBR

    There are clip on registered receiver guns where the receiver, not the sear, was improperly registered as a mg. This sear is not divorceable. It all depends how the gun was registered.
  11. What was your first major Machine Gun Shoot?

    KCR, Spring 2000. Biggerhammer has a group photo at the Hippie's BBQ... I'm in it...