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  1. WTB: My first machine gun preferably FN FNC

    Thank you everyone.
  2. WTB: My first machine gun preferably FN FNC

    Thank you Rooster2412 and Kirk for all the information I really do appreciate it. I think I will follow your advice and try to save up my money longer so I can get an m16 especially if I can get one around 15k or so. The hard part will be trying to convince my wife that I need a 15k or so machine gun. I do have one question right now which is if you own a transferable m16 is their any restriction on the uppers you can use on it specifically the barrel length?
  3. WTB: My first machine gun preferably FN FNC

    Kirk, I would love a select fire m16 but from what I have seen in the short period I have been looking is that the going rates for them are almost 10k more than the cost of what an FN FNC is going for which I can’t afford sadly unless I’m mistaken. Thank you for the advice I do appreciate it and I welcome anymore that you may have for me.
  4. Hello, I’m interested in getting my first machine gun and I am currently considering getting an FN FNC if I can find one at a decent price that I can afford and justify buying with the wife. I love guns and have always wanted to own a legal machine gun and I think it’s about time to make that dream come true.