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  1. WTB M11/9 with Lage Uppers

    Interested in buying an m11/9 with lage uppers/accessories. Show me what you got.
  2. WTB: M16 conversion or Colt SP1

    Pm sent
  3. WTB: M16 conversion or Colt SP1

    I don’t see a saw15
  4. WTB: M16 conversion or Colt SP1

    I am looking at buying either a Colt SP1 or an M16 conversion. I would prefer a PAWS but I am not going to be picky since I have a limited budget to work with at this time. I would like to buy my first machine gun and have been saving up for awhile so if you have anything for sale let me know as long as it’s not overly expensive. If you have anything under $20k for sale please let me know I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time and I am excited at the prospect of joining the machine gun community.
  5. Registered m16 bolt carrier?

    Have you ever heard of a registered m16 bolt carrier? I am talking to someone who says a gun they are going to have for sale has a super rare registered bolt carrier that’s currently in a Colt Sporter II and can be transferred to any AR platform.
  6. WTB: My first machine gun preferably FN FNC

    Thank you everyone.
  7. WTB: My first machine gun preferably FN FNC

    Thank you Rooster2412 and Kirk for all the information I really do appreciate it. I think I will follow your advice and try to save up my money longer so I can get an m16 especially if I can get one around 15k or so. The hard part will be trying to convince my wife that I need a 15k or so machine gun. I do have one question right now which is if you own a transferable m16 is their any restriction on the uppers you can use on it specifically the barrel length?
  8. WTB: My first machine gun preferably FN FNC

    Kirk, I would love a select fire m16 but from what I have seen in the short period I have been looking is that the going rates for them are almost 10k more than the cost of what an FN FNC is going for which I can’t afford sadly unless I’m mistaken. Thank you for the advice I do appreciate it and I welcome anymore that you may have for me.
  9. Hello, I’m interested in getting my first machine gun and I am currently considering getting an FN FNC if I can find one at a decent price that I can afford and justify buying with the wife. I love guns and have always wanted to own a legal machine gun and I think it’s about time to make that dream come true.