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  1. colt m-16 A1

    Gun has sold locally Thanks
  2. colt m-16 A1

    Colt M-16A1 $26,000 New period correct Colt 11.5 upper/ Kns pins/ ambi safety Very nice well taken care of Colt/ No Pd markings, gouges etc..... Have original double heat shield forearm and black furniture avail to buyer Low round count- has lived in climate controlled vault Form 4 Arkansas i have sold for years on gun broker under jaredtheseller my email is jareds@madisoncounty.net Thanks for looking
  3. Hk G3K

    Hk G3K $26,000 or make me a reasonable offer! Wilson Arms double push pin conversion Hasn't been re stamped to G3K its still has Hk91 didn't want to refinish the whole gun/ factory finish was way to nice Ambi pack Has a mount bought from hk parts.net Super low round count Have owned this gun for 20yrs
  4. WTS DLO AN/M2 .30 Aircraft gun $16,499

    What parts are needed to convert it to 308 is it a big deal on these compared to the 1919’s? Parts hard to find etc? Thanks Jared
  5. Transferable Polytech AK-47 7.62x39

    Do u have import markings? Remark pics with the stock unfolded, any on the bottom in front of the mag well? Sweet Gun! Might help with your sale Thanks Jared
  6. WTS: HK23E Transferable $55K

    Are u interested in trades?
  7. Colt M16, M203, Silencer Package $35000

    Very nice gun-setup! someone should jump on this
  8. If it helps I sent my blackslide in for a Lid, and Gemtech kept my 16x1 and didn't return it! I don't know what the deal is? It wasn't reliable on my HK pistols.... U might try to contact them Jared
  9. WTB: Transferable HK G3

  10. WTB: Transferable HK G3

    I got one too if your still looking! G3k swing down lower Thanks Jared
  11. Are u interested in a swing down lower Hk G3k? Thanks Jared