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  1. WTS: NIB Swiss SIG 55X MG's $5950

    NIB Swiss SIG 550 green NIB Swiss SIG 551-2 LB SWAT Black rare Diopter model (17" barrel with grenade ring) NIB Swiss SIG 553 PR Black (rail model with BU sights) POST SAMPLES that require demo letter or LE purchase order $5950 plus shipping Thanks,Mike Michaels Machines Six one 8 57 zero 864 one
  2. WTS: GM6 Lynx .50 Sniper/Anti-Material $17995

    New supply. Get them while you still can! Ready to ship. Michaels Machines 618-570-8641
  3. WTS: GM6 Lynx .50 Sniper/Anti-Material $17995

    Meopta ZD 6-24x56 RD-MIL Dot 2 (MIL) with sight mount manufactured by Sero International Ltd. $3099 MM
  4. WTS: GM6 Lynx .50 Sniper/Anti-Material $17995

    One std. model and one w/optic for additional $ left. MM
  5. WTS: SIG 551-2SP SWAT

    Only a couple left. MM
  6. For the guy that has everything........but not quite ! High quality semi-auto .50bmg bull pup design. Do your research on this amazing rifle. Base rifle with case and accessories $17995 plus shipping. Factory optics model as well for additional $. In stock and ready to ship. Start the year off right ! Michaels Machines 618-570-8641
  7. WTS: SIG 551-2SP SWAT

    MM has aquired another batch of excellent to like new original Swiss 551-2 SP SWAT models. These are original SBR's taken off the registry and now title one to all. Shot very very little and only minor handling marks. Limited supply $8K....the real deal! Thanks,Mike six one eight-570-864one
  8. WTS: M240 Parts Kit - New Photos

    I'll take it. PM and email on the way.
  9. WTS: HK21E German RR transferable $49995

    Can be a 23E for a few $ more. MM
  10. WTB: ANM2 complete parts kits

    Wanted to buy complete ANM2 complete parts kits. Let me know what you have. Thanks,Mike Michaels Machines
  11. BPP 21E vs. MM 21E

    Someone pointed this thread out to me....what a joke. His user name pretty much sums him up. I'm always available for the real story. MM
  12. WTS: HK21E German RR transferable $49995

    Built from new parts including like new German RR. Lots of accessories available to buyer. Call or email any ?s. Michaels Machines six 1 eight 57 zero 864 one
  13. WTS: HK23E Transferable $55K

    Not really looking for trades but thanks for asking. MM
  14. WTS: HK MSG90A1 $9995

    Correct MSG90A1 not MSG90 build. New German receiver with lots of brand new German parts. Sorry no optics but working on getting some. Correct mounts available. Michaels Machines 618-570-8641 www.michaelsmachines.com
  15. WTS: HK23E Transferable $55K

    Brand new factory H&K 23E parts built on Fleming G3 RR. Correct build with the right parts for a 23E including 1000m 4th gen. 5.56 sight. 21E and 11E conversions and rare factory accessories available to the buyer. Michaels Machines 618-570-8641 www.michaelsmachines.com