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  1. What to know about buying 1st MP5

    Neat! I've never seen one of those before. I too like quiet. And don't get me wrong, I have an MP5SD host. I bought a TPM gun and can. After every outing, I disassemble the can and clean each baffle and inside the tube and spray with anti-splatter spray. Plus I clean the barrel ports and exterior of the barrel. They can build up carbon quickly and if not cleaned, can solidify and make quite difficult.
  2. What to know about buying 1st MP5

    People randomly list magazines here on Sturm. As for retail, RTG Parts is a good resource for reasonable prices. HK Specialist is another online retailer for parts and accessories. HK Parts usually has the largest selection but are known for price gouging. To reiterate a lot of opinions here, sear is a little more money but allows you to use it in different calibers. It is like having multiple MG's for the price of one. However be prepared to go down the rabbit hole of purchasing sear hosts in every caliber. I believe John Norrell (JNI) currently has a Fleming sear available on Sturm for a good price ($32k). Flemings are well regarded sears, just need installed in a trigger pack with a correctly timed hammer.
  3. What to know about buying 1st MP5

    The SD's are iconic and enjoyably quiet but require frequent cleaning. Some armorers recommend cleaning after 300 rounds. The best way to go depends on what your goals and budget are. Sears are known at best bag for the buck since you can have multiple hosts on the same pack (be able to have 9mm, 10mm, .40S&W, 5.56, .308, 300BLK, 7.62X39 all on same sear). Double push pin guns are the most correct to the German design if you want original but you're paying a lot of money for a single MG. My personal opinion is that a sear is the best route. My father has a DLO pack and the nice thing about that is you just buy semi auto versions of what you want to shoot and swap in the trigger pack. Other option would be to buy a Pre-May sample. Its cheaper than transferable and you can keep it after giving up your SOT. Good luck with your search. There are a few examples available on Strurm.
  4. 30 round magazines are legal in Ohio... Anyways, GLWS
  5. James Williamson at Teufelshund Tactical is the best person to reassemble your burst pack. He is an HK certified armoror including burst packs and will have it fixed and turned around in a day or two. You can contact him at his website. http://www.teufelshundtactical.com/contact.html
  6. Looking for a German MP2 (Uzi) Cut-away and Action poster. Have a bunch of German Lehrtafel Bundeswehr posters for the MP5, G3 and other roller locks and since I recently received my RR Uzi from Ruben, I would also like to have German posters for the Uzi, since it was briefly adopted by the Germans. I have seen a few different examples online and in the Uzi SMG book, but have not been able to track one down currently for sale. Tried asking the Uzi Talk guys but that was not successful. Attached are examples I found on an expired German eBay and in the Uzi SMG book. (That stupid rapper Lil' Uzi Vert has ruined searching Google for anything Uzi related) Please let me know if anyone knows any information regarding this. Even a high resolution jpeg of the posted would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. WTS: US Navy MK3 Powder Storage Kegs

    PM sent
  8. Colt Thompson's – Buying or Selling

    Highly recommend this book! Both my Father and I each purchased a copy to learn more about what to look for in purchasing a Colt TSMG, since it has always been his dream gun. Armed with all this knowledge, he was able to confidently purchase a Colt 1928 Navy at Ohio Colt Collectors. Even if you're not in the market for one, fantastic book to read and learn.
  9. Email sent. I will take the full length rod stock
  10. Per my PM, I will take the MP5/10 as a parts kit. Thank you
  11. WTS: LE Trade-In Sig 556 and 516 SBR's

    PM sent
  12. WTB Uzi type 7 stock

    Want to buy a black plastic Uzi type 7 stock for full size SMG Uzi. Tried looking all over and can only find wood stocks.