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  1. WWII MG34 and MG42 Parts kits

  2. WWII MG34 and MG42 Parts kits

    Always looking
  3. WWII MG34 and MG42 Parts kits

    Still looking.
  4. Looking to buy a WWII MG34 and MG42 parts kit in good condition. No Yugo, MG3, 7.62 parts please. Kits don’t have to be 100% complete. Let me know what you got! Thanks.
  5. I have two firearms that I’m looking to sell in order to fund a couple projects. I am open to trading for WWII MG34 or MG42 part kits. First up is a NIB HK MR223A3 11”. Only a couple of these have ever been imported. Not sure if anymore will come into the states. It’ll come with (1) 10 round HK steel magazine, sight tool, instructions, and HK gun case. $SOLD Second up is a slightly used Sig 552-2 SP Commando. This is a former LE Firearm. It has a fixed faux suppressor to make the barrel length 16”. This rifle is in excellent condition minus the unavoidable wear near the ejection port. This sig will come with (1) 30 round magazine, folding stock, receiver rail, and the side and bottom foregrip rails as pictured. $SOLD
  6. WTB: Sig 552-2SB

    Messaged you. I have a Sig 552-2 SP commando with a fixed faux suppressor.
  7. Looking to sell or trade a brand new Sig 550. For those that don’t know, these are imported as pistols by JDI Firearms. May have been part the last 550 import EVER. This 550 will come with the original shipping box, hard case, (1) 30 round magazine, cleaning kit, and instructions. Price: Moved to gunbroker
  8. WTS: SIG SG 550 SOLD

    Money sent. Thanks buddy.
  9. MG34/42 8mm belt loader

    Found one. Thanks JJRPHS!
  10. MG34/42 8mm belt loader

    I have a MG3 belt loader but I only have the 7.62 hopper. I’m looking to buy either the 8mm hopper or a complete 8mm belt loader. Let me know what you got! Thanks.
  11. WTB Lafette MG34 and part

    jkb471, thanks for that info. I definitely underestimated the going rate for a true MG34 lafette. Nevertheless, I am still looking!
  12. WTB Lafette MG34 and part

    Ryo, I was looking for a a true MG34 lafette because I couldn’t find much info on how and where to buy the adapter for MG42 lafettes. Can you private message me on how you plan on using an adaptor? Thanks!
  13. WTB Lafette MG34 and part

    Hello all, Looking to buy a Lafette for a MG34. Country of origin is no factor. I am also looking to MG34 spare parts or a complete parts kit that is is good to excellent condition. Thank you!
  14. WTB MG34 or MG42

    Found what I was looking for. Thanks!