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  1. 28inches of Machine Gun News and Small Arms Review. About 5-6 yrs worth, maybe more. 1996-2002 maybe later. Had subscription when MGN tanked and SAR came online. There should be from Issue 1 Vol 1 for SAR up til I lapsed subscription. You will NEVER see a bargain like this again! Copies are selling for over $5 each! Excellent condition. Most still have shipping envelope on them (When they shipped them this way). can delver to PHX Big Sandy shoot.
  2. At some point the market will become saturated and then prices will go down or be soft. As prices rise, available buyers will go lower.
  3. What was your first major Machine Gun Shoot?

    My "first" was Vietnam, 1969. Commercial was Knob Creek 1994 (maybe before).
  4. WTB Machine Gun News magazines

    Maybe no what you're looking for but ... jan 1996 thru 2002 or after. 99% in like new condition. ad in craigslist in Phoenix, AZ. search for MGN