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  1. WTS: 30-06 caliber 1919A4 with WW2 A6 kit

    PM sent
  2. Colt m4 carbine 1000 shipped

    do you have the box and accessories
  3. SWD M11/9 – Transferable The buffer disintegrated while shooting several years ago and bent the back out a little bit. Please look at the pics and make your own determination as to the condition the gun is in. I have been meaning to have it repaired but have not done so in 3 years. Time to clean out the safe and get this to a person who will use it more often. Will come with 3 or 4 32 round magazines and a canvas carrier. $5,500 You pay stamp / stamps I will cover insured shipping to your FFL 100% up front to start transfer
  4. Trijicon ACOG 4x32 LED Red Crosshair .223 100190 brand new in the box. Never mounted or used. Has spent is life setting in a safe just waiting to be used. Please contact me with any questions. $950 Now $895 NOW ONLY $795 which will include insured shipping to your door.
  5. Lage MAX-31 mk2 Upper - New In Box

  6. Brand new Lage MK-31 mk2 Upper - never fired or mounted. just unwrapped it to take the pictures. Its been setting in my closet for 3 years so I guess thats a sign someone else needs to own it. $975 Shipped
  7. WTB: Transferable BAR

    sent you a PM
  8. Question about C&R for 1918 BAR

    Mike, Thanks for the insight - mine is a re-arsenaled NESA that I bought from a reputable dealer as a C&R several years ago. I've wondered about it for a while - thanks for the clarification. Kerry