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  1. Is this at your business in Collin County where I can look at it? Brian
  2. I will take the Reising 50 stock for $75 shipped.
  3. Please send me a message with your information to send a check to you for 6 mg34 belts at $80 plus shipping to 75098. Thank you Brian
  4. I hoped the ZB-26 would go for more. I own its twin and thought about selling if the auctioned one had sold for the high estimate of 40k plus buyers fee.
  5. 1. How many cans of Romanian 7.92x57 do you have for sale? 2. Are the rounds the red sealed bullet and primer in steel cases from the 1970's? Brian
  6. Interesting relic (the propgand bomb), how much? I live in the Metroplex. Brian
  7. I need your email to send pictures. Dewat C&R Sten II form 5 $10,000 plus insured shipping. Brian
  8. I have a C&R dewat Sten II if you are mechanically inclined on a form 5. Brian
  9. 2 original 20 round. 1 has some pitting. $345 shipped to normal states. Payment by postal money order. Message me your cell and I will text you pictures. Brian
  10. Mine is an Inland WWII receiver converted at sometime to select fire. Mine runs perfect with Lake City or Korean surplus. I would grab it first if SHTF. I own 14 select fire total. Everybody enjoys shooting it.
  11. I will take it, let me know a day and time one afternoon or evening that I can come to pay and pick it up. You can email me with your information. Of course remove the remove from it LOL . Thank you. briansea82remove@yahoo.com
  12. Hi. I live in Wylie and I have my CHL. would you allow me to pick it up? I assume no sales tax since you no longer have your FFL. Brian
  13. Steve, You should have the email with pictures now. Brian
  14. I have 2 20 original magazines. I will make pictures this weekend and email them to you with a total. Being essential personnel is trying LOL. Brian
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