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  1. WTB: M14/M1A BASSETT mount

  2. WTB: M14/M1A BASSETT mount

    Still looking.
  3. WTB: M14/M1A BASSETT mount

    High Picatinny Rail model
  4. WTB: Magpul PRS Gen 2

    stock for .308/7.62 rifle . (Black)
  5. Semiautomatic build

    In my state, nothing for now. Build and enjoy.
  6. WTB Badger Ordnance tool

    Still looking , Thx.
  7. WTB Badger Ordnance tool

    Looking for a Badger Ordnance barrel timing/alignment tool for M14/M1A;
  8. Looking to purchase (2) Metric Type 2 Lower Receivers for FN FAL. MUST BE : Original, complete with all internals, and in mint shape. Can be less the stock. NO IZZY's please.
  9. Bump stock ban

    Curious. When "IS THE TIME" , to voice our rights ? After "the bill is past, so we can see what's in it" ?
  10. Hassan Whiteside stolen M16

    I guess lacking with privilege in this case is common sense, and responsibility.
  11. WTB NICE 1919a4 kits

    Depends. What are you asking ? Pictures of the kit.
  12. WTB NICE 1919a4 kits

    Looking to buy (2) NICE 1919A4 IZZY or USGI kits. Would also consider (2) left side plates,(2) bottom plates, (2) trunions.
  13. Total disgrace what happened to him, his family, and all he worked hard for !