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WTS: Glock 18C with SIX mags: $4,500

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If you are a Class III dealer or Class II manufacturer, this is a great opportunity to own one of the most coveted machine guns out there; a fully automatic Glock 18C.  And the price has been reduced.  This particular specimen has had its mag well modified for speed loading (Magloc Co. in Canada), which is really convenient.  Plus, the resulting modified flare on the bottom of the pistol grip is extremely comfortable to the shooting hand.  This model is slightly used (as they all are, correct?) and has been in my safe for years.  It’s been inspected by a Glock armorer , and is in PERFECT running condition.  This Glock will “eat” any kind of 9mm ammo you feed it:  ball, hollow point, tracer, etc.  Included are THREE modified 20-round mags, and THREE 30-round mags, all in gorgeous condition (the ammo in each mag pictured is not included).  These don’t come up all too often, and especially at this low price.  Yes, a PD demo request letter is required, as this is considered a “postie”.  I’ll pay the shipping.  For questions, you’re welcome to contact me at quietshooting@gmail.com  or call 616-443-0034.  David: Thanks for the privilege of posting on this website.  








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