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Colt M4A1 SOPMOD Block II Upper

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The sad fact is I have not shot this in over a year and it has been rotated the very back of a safe.  I built it when I was on a cloning kick (still am a little) The upper has less than 200 rounds through it. I have never shot it auto or suppressed. I figured I would offer it up and see if there are any takers. I am not looking to part this out currently, so please don’t post offers to buy any specific parts from it. I am not really in a rush to sell it, but I would consider a few very specific trades. I will list them below. The upper is as correct as I could get it at the time. I will list everything with as much detail as I can so forgive the long post. If you have additional questions, please EMAIL.


Parts list:

Colt Upper receiver and Colt FA BCG 
I will include a Colt charging handle. I’m keeping the BCM ambi. 

Colt 14.5 SOCOM barrel NOT Pinned (NFA length) Barrel date code 05/11 which came out of a military contract cage code labeled bag. 

DD Mk12 Gas Block

Flash hider is a Cage Code BE Meyers, I might include a Surefire 3 prong suppressor mount instead if you desire (Negotiable). The Meyers was from another upper so this is its second upper it’s been on and has a little more use, but still in very good condition. 

Very nice color FDE DD M4A1 RIS II in excellent condition. I might have the box for this… No guarantees. I will include some FDE Ergo rail covers (not cut) or some KAC rail covers instead of the Larue index clips. Your choice.
KAC sights. FDE 99051 front and flip up rear (NOT USMC Marked)

Surefire M952V. This was purchased used and has some light sights of use, but is in great shape otherwise and obviously functions 100% I will include a pressure switch to go in the grip if you want one. I don’t care for them, I use my thumb…

Tango Down FDE vertical grip. It has never had a switch in it. 

CQD Sling mount

EOTech FDE 553 in excellent condition. I bought this from a close decade+ long friend who bought it new. When I bought it, he said the reticle was washing out on the edges when viewed at angle.( common problem with this model) I have three other 553’s and it did not look any different than my others. But I sent it to EOTech anyway, as it was still under warranty at the time. It came back with a clean bill of health. I think I can round up the service paperwork too. But anyway, it’s a super bright (even in direct sunlight) and crisp retical. But for the record, it looks the same as before I sent it in..lol

This was assembled by a highly qualified Colt armorer. Everything is torqued to spec using the correct tools. It needs nothing.. just maybe a new home. I will email you specific pictures if needed.

I am asking $2050.00 Shipped for the whole thing. I can do PayPal “Friends and Family” or “Goods and Services” plus the fee. I can send you a PP invoice if that helps. I can also do a USPS Money Order(s). 


Larue 300 Blackout 12” barrel
Colt Flat Top 9mm Upper. Factory Built. No cut downs. 
UTG Slim 15in rail (for a 22 build) 
Quality .308 DPMS style BCG 
High quality AR10 rails in DPMS Low pattern. 
.300 Win Mag 200 grain Horandy Precision Hunter ammo 
 Geissele MK1 10" SMR in FDE or Black 
Maybe another Geissele rail in 10” 
Rem 700 SPS tactical in 300 Blackout 

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