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WTS: HK Sear alone or package deal. $34,000

Phil in Asheville NC

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On Monday, December 26, 2016 at 7:37 AM, Phil in Asheville, NC said:

for sale: Fleming HK sear alone $34,000 includes first transfer tax and shipping/insurance.

Installed in your HK trigger pack +$350 ...includes retimed hammer

installed in my new HK 3 round burst pack (4 position) w/retimed hammer $35,000.

Thanks: Phil

Looks like your account settings aren't set up to allow acceptance of Private Messages, or the site is malfunctioning:  I too just tried to send you a PM, unsuccessfully.  You might consider posting your email address in your ad.

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3 hours ago, jimgraham said:

Hi Phil sent you an email earlier about buying the Sear in NC. Just wanted to check you got it.



Jim:  Yes, I did, just responded.

Sorry everyone, I have been out with some sort of bug the last two days.  I should have posted this sold pending funds Wednesday.

Thanks:  Phil

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