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Geissele Triggers - Great customer service


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I have an early model SR-25 that has always had a poor trigger by todays standards; so for Christmas I gifted myself a Geissele SSA-E trigger (they were running a hell of a Black Friday sale 30% off).  Received the trigger and started to do the install, but found clearance issues resulting from the design of the receiver... Sent the trigger off to Geissele to be modified to fit early model SR-25s (or at least the ones that they had seen).. Trigger came back, but no go..   Geissele then suggested that I send the receiver to them, so they could make sure it fit etc (as it turns out the very early SR-25s had a large shelf under the hammer that kept other triggers from working without modification) -- 1 week later I have the gun back in my possession, with a great trigger and can now go stalk bullseyes at the local range.

So if you are thinking of getting a hot-rodded AR15 trigger, you really can't go wrong with Geissele - they stand behind their product, and make one of the best triggers in the business.


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15 minutes ago, eMGunslinger said:

Was the KAC match in the gun before? 

No, this gun is a pre-ban SR-25 from 1992/1993, which was before they had the KAC 2 stage trigger - so it was basically a lightly modified standard trigger - very heavy and creepy by todays standards. 

If you are looking for a comparison of the KAC Match 2 Stage trigger to the SSA-E (I have the current KAC 2 stage trigger in another rifle), I would say that the KAC has a shorter 1st stage pull, but a little heaver 2nd stage pull in comparison to the Geissele .... In its precision rifle role, I prefer the longer initial takeup.

Here are some pics of the two triggers ( SSA-E and 25 year old factory trigger).





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O ok cool

I have an older military gun that has been through some updating and it has the KAC 2 stage, which is on par with a G trigger but twice the price and twice as hard to get anyone on the phone to warranty lol.

Glad to see someone else with one of these guns, I love my deployment package.

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