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WTS; WOLF 7.62x39 123gr FMJ 1000rd case


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WOLF 7.62x39 123gr FMJ 1000rd case

Price:  $240.00

WOLF PERFORMANCE AMMUNITION is great for a day at the range or out in the woods, accurate for target shooting and plinking

• Bullet Type: FMJ, Full Metal Jacket
• Bullet Weight: 123gr
• Bullet Jacket: Copper
• Case: Steel
• Powder: Non-Corrosive
• Primer: Berdan
• Amount: 20 Rounds Per Box, 1000 Rounds Per Case
• Made in RUSSIA

This Ammo Is Magnetic.

$9.95 Flat Rate Shipping for as many items as you would like to order. This includes firearms, ammo, and all other products.


TO ORDER: click the direct link: ohttp://www.copesdistributing.com/wolf-762x39-123gr-1000rd-case-p-4603.htmlr call 866-523-2673 M-Sat 9A-5P EST

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