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WTS: HK VP9, 45, 45C, P30/L/SK, USP/C HiViz Sights $40+

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We offer many Hiviz fiber optic sights for various HK pistols on our website. Fiber optic sights are becoming more and more popular as they never dim or become aged. Priced right and a great option for those that needs more from their sights. Some of these are new arrivals, so be sure to check out the listings below!

Order on our website or by phone.

WWW.HKPARTS.NET || 801.987.3494

[Front Sights]

Fiber Optic Front Sight - USP Full Size - Red & Green || $39.95

Fiber Optic Front Sight For All USP Compacts - Red || $39.95

HiViz Front Sight For USP Compact Pistols- Green || $39.95

HiViz Front Sight For HK45, HK45C, P30/L/SK, VP9- Green || $54.95

HiViz Front Sight For HK45, HK45C, P30/L/SK & VP9 - Red || $55.95


[Rear Sights]

Fiber Optic Rear Sight For USP & USPC Pistols- Red || $54.95

Fiber Optic Rear Sight For USP & USPC - Green || $54.95

HiViz Rear Sight For HK45, HK45C, P30/L/SK & VP9 - Red || $54.95

HiViz Rear Sight For HK45, HK45C, P30/L/SK & VP9- Green || $54.95


[Front and Rear Sight Set]

Fiber Optic Front & Rear Sight Set - HK45,45C,P30,VP9 - Red, Green & Black || $99.95 [PICTURED BELOW]


Thanks for looking! Click here to view more HK pistol parts & accessories.

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