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Polytech underfolder 7.62 x 39 full auto for sale


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgyX6hyhAekpD5VdF.jpgZtlTK5.jpgYg5pEa.jpgbactlC.jpgThis Polytech began life as a .223 semi-auto AK and was converted to full auto in 7.62X 39 by SWD.  Many of these rifles had issues and this was one of them.  I bought the weapon NIB 3 years ago, and the reason it was still new was because it didn't work very well is my guess.  I sent it to Jeff Miller who rebuilt it, added new rails and did a complete makeover.  Took about a year, but the rifle now functions flawlessly.    There is some tiny pitting on one side of the receiver as pictured, not sure why.  I have the original bolt carrier but use a Yugo bolt carrier because it's much smoother than the original.  I also have an AK 74 type muzzle brake for automatic fire, the original will come with the rifle.  $22,500.00.   Email is brie1959@aol.com.wYEsXb.jpg   

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