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WTS: CZ 27 - Pre War Ceska Reichsbahn Bringback Rig W/ Documentation

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WTS: CZ 27 - Pre War Ceska Reichsbahn Bringback Rig W/ Documentation
Payment: Venmo, USPS Money Order, Personal Check (wait to clear), Bank Check, Cash
Price: $4000.00
Shipping: Actual Price
Contact: PM or email at bevisblack15NOSPAM@yahoo.com (remove NOSPAM)
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CZ 27 - Pre War Ceska Reichsbahn Bringback Rig W/ Documentation
This is an extremely scarce CZ 27 variant featuring the early Ceska slide legend as well as Reichsbahn property markings. I was fortunate enough to locate this as a complete rig from a local estate. The pistol includes not only an original, pre war, unmarked holster but also retains all of the original bring back documentation.
In regards to the pistol, it is an early 5 digit (17XXX) pre war example with the scarce "Ceska" slide legend. It also exhibits very early features including slanted slide serrations as well as the 7.65 caliber designation on the left side of the frame. As an added bonus, as if this one needs to be more scarce, the left of the trigger guard also carries the Reichsbahn "DR" property marking. The rig also retains its original bring back paperwork. The customs declaration form lists the pistol by serial number and names the GI who brought it back. Additionally, the original hang tag naming the same soldier along with what appears to be his unit is included with the rig. The included holster is an early example that is in great shape. After I acquired this rig I found an additional paper ID slip naming the same soldier as well as what looks to be a partial page from Yank or another period magazine that was torn out being used as padding in the toe of the holster.
The condition on the pistol is incredible given that it is a pre war piece. Only a few spots exhibit any degree of wear and even those are minimal. The small parts retain the original straw finish and the bore is nearly mint making this an outstanding piece. More likely than not, this rode out the war in one heck of an out of the way location. This is by far the most complete pre war rig that I have encountered and the only one with such fantastic documentation. The holster has some loose stitching as shown in the photos. I ran a short piece of thread through several stitch holes to prevent any more of the original thread from unraveling. 
120 images are included at the links below (copy and paste the link into your browser). Reach out with any questions. 





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