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For sale late war STG 44, serial number 4913 marked with ce on receiver which I believe denotes manufacture by Sauer and Son.  The buttstock metal has the same serial number 4913 that matches the receiver.  The trigger group is numbered 6079 with WAa21 stamped on the left side.  The gun was I think dewatted by welding the barrel to the trunion and plugging the original barrel.  It has been rewatted by replacing the barrel.  The work was done under the handguard so nothing visable until you remove the handguard.  The op rod is marked fxo with eagle over 37 serial number 1713, I believe Haenel manufacture.  Bolt is marked ce with electro pencil 4913 a l.  Comes with one original MP 44 marked mag.  Form 3 lists manufacturer as Germany, so should be good for C & R.  On form 3 ready to efile to your dealer.  Asking $32,000, please see pictures as they are part of the description, will also attach short video from you tube of the gun actually firing.  Any questions pm me here or email wbar1918@gmail.com.






stg 44 1.jpeg

stg 44 2.jpeg

stg 44 3.jpeg

stg 44 4.jpeg

stg 44 5.jpeg

stg 44 6.jpeg

stg 44 7.jpeg

stg 44 8.jpeg

stg 44 9.jpeg

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