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WTS M60 C&R Model T161

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Amnesty registered U.S. Property marked US model T161 belt fed machine gun. This is the pre production version, later to be accepted as the model M60. It is in like new condition and uses all standard M60 parts. The receiver is military spec. completely riveted together and absolutely no welding of any kind. The op rod tube is held in place by a small taper pin and staked as per mil spec print specifications. This model T161 is a Curio & Relic and classified as such and is on the C&R list (appears on the C&R update list of April 2002 to June 2002). The model T161 is the only know M60 type belt fed to be a classified as a C&R. Anyone with a C&R license can receive this firearm directly on an ATF Form 4. Anyone that resides in a state that only permits C&R machineguns can possess one of these model T161 belt fed machineguns. The model T161 can also be configured to any of the various newer M60 type configurations. S/N EXP 25 - $68K + shipping

Layaway available

Additional pictures: 10g0mrd.jpg -- 24oujnp.jpg -- 25p5urk.jpg -- 10e3321.jpg -- iz2fmb.jpg -- 2jb2sea.jpg -- n5jev.jpg -- o0yvyr.jpg -- 34o4wwi.jpg -- 20r4ci9.jpg --


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