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Your eyes do not deceive you! Yes, you are looking at one of the rarest and most limited military production items ever made by HK.

Genuine German HK Field Model Tripod, Model 1102 for the HK21E, G8 and HK23E. HK stamped, serialized and dated. 1980's production made for German special forces. I know a lot of German ex-military but none that have ever laid eyes on one of these.

We found and imported only 5 units. All are in great condition and appear to be in perfect working order. A couple are cosmetically nicer. We will send the best tripod available, first come first served. That said, they are all very nice and as already mentioned, extremely rare. I frankly never expected to see one of these, and based on what I have learned in recent months, I doubt I will ever see another again.

Tripod weight is 21.5 pounds without accessories (about half the weight of an MG3 lafette tripod). Base and legs are made of heavy gauge aluminum and the fine adjustments and mounting surfaces are steel. Working with the tripods you can feel the strength and quality while being amazed at the light weight.

First images show an HK21E tripod as we imported them. We received the tripod with pads, carry straps, bubble level and genuine HK optics mount including STANAG mounting base.

We have added the following accessories to this tripod to make it more deployable for the American shooter:

Original Manual...In Spanish! Lots of great pictures so if you're not up on your South of the Boarder lingo, it's still a valuable asset. 
German periscope for tripod. The most authentic scope available as shown the the factory HK manual for this tripod.
Two replacement desiccant tubes for the periscope. A rare find by themselves. Both pop-top cans are still sealed.
STANAG to Picatinny rail adapter, aftermarket, new. You can use this in place of the STANAG base and use any picatinny optic of your choosing.

Additional accessories sold separately:
We have two accessories that may compliment the tripod:

HK21E/23E Back Plate Assembly with Buffer New. This is the correct backplate/buffer to use with a non-shouldered tripod or mount. When not shouldered the recoil vibrations can loosen the heavy HK21E style stock. When mounted and not shouldered, this backplate should be used.
German HK21E/23E Tripod Mounting Weldment New. If your U.S. made weldment happens to be out of spec we have the correct German HK production part to get you working!



Thanks for looking and happy shooting!
RTG Parts
931 Frank St.
Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone: 307-675-1191
Email: brayton@rtgparts.com







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