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WTS: Voere SAM-180 Austria .22LR Semi with 177 Rd Drum

MG Dave

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Rare Austria made Voere, model SAM-180. This semi-auto closed bolt  .22lr that was imported by Christopher & Associated in Glensdale, CA around 1971. Rear stock removes like a Thompson with the push of a button on top of the stock. 18" barrel also removes quickly. Rear sight are adjustable. Sling loops located on barrel and rear of receiver.

I'm 2nd owner but believe this SAR-180 to be 100% original. It has truly been a safe queen, I've owned this for over 40 years.

SAM-180 shipped with what you see in the pics. Receiver, barrel, rear stock, 177 round metal drum and winder. $2500 with buyer paying shipping to his dealer.

Please PM with any questions or if you need to see additional pics just ask.


Pic  A.JPG

Pic  B.JPG

Pic  C.JPG

Pic  D.JPG

Pic  E.JPG

Pic  F.JPG

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