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Scammer alert email spoofing

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Posted my email in a WTB thread to ensure that the seller saw it, as he was not replying to PMs and I needed his mailing info for a payment. I almost immediately got an email from someone who copied his email address that he had posted in a previous post, but with a different email provider, asking me to send payment to a random name and address in Mississippi that is seemingly unrelated to the seller I was dealing with who is located in MO and has a brick and mortar gun store.  

Be careful posting your email address on this board and ALWAYS make sure you check the email provider, not just the address itself… the seller has an EarthLink.net email, the scammer does not (he used @onmail.com) but the rest of the email was the same as the sellers email that had been posted in the thread! Luckily I already knew his address as he posted it in other threads or I may have fallen for this!!  


The scammer asked me for a tracking number when I send my MO, likely so he could track the payment and retrieve it their from the bogus location he sent me as his address when it is “out for delivery”!  


Anybody can use this tactic with any email address so I didn’t bother posting the name of the seller he spoofed, but the scammer location must be in Mississippi if he was able to retrieve the money order from an address there.


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